YouTube Removes Donald Trump’s New Video!


Social Media has become a platform such that, everything begins as well as ends there. Whether it is Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and whatever social media is there, Donald Trump’s influence is strongly established. Yes, and lately, the famous platform Youtube becomes the scare head. Not only Youtube, as I said Twitter too blocked Donald Tump‘s account as well as over 70,000 accounts. On Tuesday, Youtube’s officials suspended Donald Trump’s channel. The reason for this decision is regarding the contents produced in the channel.

What is Donald Trump’s new video about?

Donald Trump’s YouTube channel


Donald Trump’s channel is blocked for violating policies concerning the attack at the US Capitol. However, it seems even after weeks, the problem is yet to solve. Moreover, many social media platforms are engaging themselves to remove users who have a connection to the attack at the US Capitol. According to the source, Donald Trump’s youtube channel is under control by officials of Youtube. It is to prevent the uploading of videos or live streams relating to the attack at the US Capitol. Social media as well as People are desiring to stop further violence in the country. Youtube claims that the account will be suspended for a week.

What is the attack at the US Capital about?

On January 6th, 2021, the protest by Trump supporters storming at the United States Capitol has created a lot of pain and rampage across the globe. More than fifty Trump supporters burst into the Capitol and searched the halls for lawmakers. The mob forced the lawmakers to withdraw their negotiations. Later, the lawmakers were vacated to a safer place. The mob demand that the election was unfair and Trump’s loss is due to voter scam.


YouTube blocks Donald Trump

This attack was based on Trump’s defeat in the 2020 presidential election. On the other hand, there is an explicit discourse from Donald Trump concerning his supporters’ violence at the US Capitol. Furthermore, over four Trump supporters breathed their last at Capitol violence on Wednesday. Yet, a woman was executed on the spot at the Capitol. Moreover, the US Democratic representatives strived to escape the violence by ducking under the desk. In the meantime, barricades were set by the Police around the US Capitol.

The aftermath of the attack at the US Capitol:

Besides, the upcoming president, Joe Biden admonishes Trump for the recent chaotic violence at the US Capitol. Having said that, Trump was impeached for the second time for provocating insurrection. Besides, every account of Trump’s has been blocked as of now. Including Twitter, Facebook, and now Youtube. Many of Trump’s staff quit. Also, world leaders claim peace in the country.


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