YouTube Music: Users Can Now Directly ‘Start Radio’ From Playing Screen on Android


YouTube Music also allows Android users to ‘Start Radio’ directly from the Now Play screen. To begin a radio of similar songs, the user clicks on the album artwork of the song and then chooses the icon on the extreme right.

In the YouTube Music overflow menu, the ‘Start radio’ option has been available for a while, however, now it is also coming as a quicker option. Over the past few months, Google has been pushing out a range of new features for YouTube Music, with this being the newest.


When a song is played on YouTube Music in order to listen to related tracks, users can click on the ‘Start radio’ button from the album artwork menu. It’s the 4th button. After selecting it, a toast message comes into the screen. It says ‘Starting radio’. 9to5Google first spotted with the update. The publication states that for several weeks now, this functionality has been in testing.

YouTube Music now lets you add existing playlists to a new one
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More About New Feature By YouTube Music:


The ‘Start radio’ option can be retrieved from YouTube Music’s overflow menu before all this update. There is still the choice to do so, however, this is a simpler way to begin a radio playlist of similar tracks. Alternatively, in order to start a station, users can also long-press any song outside the player. Although it is a useful function, it can be difficult to find the new ‘Start radio‘ button and it can take users a while to work out the use of it.

Over the last few months of 2020, Google launched some latest features for YouTube Music, as it closed down Google Play Music. This also allowed people to turn to YouTube’s music site. In November last year, the streaming app rolled out a feature akin to song radio called Fast Picks. A radio playlist of similar songs will be created upon choosing a track. The function seems to have been a way to easily expose users to more songs of their kind.

Lets see how these features by Google are going to help the users. Also, the users are looking forward to more innovations in the field to reach out to more and different types of music. The function is highly expected to do the job in an amazing way but on the reality, let’s see how things go.

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