Young digital marketer and entrepreneur Vishujeet Thakur spills his secrets to success


In today’s age when the jobs are declining, and the competition is rising tremendously, in such a scenario, very few get the opportunity of pursuing what their heart desires, the young lad in the frame today, Vishujeet Thakur, hailing from Muzzaffarnagar, is a tech-savvy dreamer who believed in his dreams and is moving towards being the entrepreneur who is steered by a passion for changing the course of his life.


A multi-tasker since childhood, Vishujeet was fascinated with the world of digital marketing and was inspired to build a foolproof career with an undeterred vision. Today, he is a master of many trades. At the critical time when the world was battling the crisis of Covid 19, he was getting ahead of the league by working relentlessly on his niche.

Having a ‘go-getter’ attitude, Vishujeet is celebrated amongst his peers who get exceedingly inspired by his steps in the direction of building a profitable career; his vision has also been heavily appreciated by his family, who takes pride in having raised a child with such great foresight.


A quick learner and a tough nut to crack, Vishujeet is modest in his approach towards the various challenges in the constantly developing global space, which can be intimidating for beginners. He believes, “There will be challenges in all walks of life, you can’t relish the fruits of indomitable success without facing the thorns, hardships are the part of every industry, the mantra is to continue putting your best foot forward and keeping a positive attitude in life.”

The approach of Vishujeet in life is way beyond his age and defies the boundaries of experience. The adventure-filled digital enthusiast has broken all norms to establish himself as an expert in digital marketing and is increasingly becoming the top choice of various clients globally.


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