Yogesh Batra and Akshay Singh Have Gathered The Attention Of Every Marketing Guru


Marketing is not everyone’s cup of tea and when it comes to attaching perfection besides marketing, definitely every marketing guru has their eyebrows raised. The upcoming e-commerce store by the 22-year old Akshay Singh and Yogesh Batra, who is just 21 years old is called ‘Urban Goods’. Marketing gurus claim that the future of marketing is way brighter when calm and innovative minds like that of Akshay Singh and Yogesh are definitely going to make a difference.

Why Are The Marketing Gurus Impressed By Akshay Singh And Yogesh Batra?


The creation of a suitable digital space gave them the opportunity to become famous by helping local bands and other celebrities grow, and slowly, they rode up the ladder. It is not easy to go against the entire societal architecture and enhance your business at such a young age. So, when it comes to their new online store ‘Urban Goods’, we have the reason why Akshay Singh and Yogesh Batra brought the attention of various marketing gurus.

The two have together handled the social media handles of various artists and celebrities and also, helped great brands maintain their social status and reach their customers with the help of great collaboration. Akshay Singh and Yogesh Batra have helped the local brands achieve national spotlight and this is where the gurus say that the two have made their biggest gamble.


The thing is that local brands had suffered enough during their initial lockdown period. There were many brands that mainly were dependent on the support of the word of mouth for their marketing and hence, it can be said that when it comes to the support of such business brands, these young minds have proved to be the magic that they wanted. These businesses never had the strength to make it big time but now, with the help of clear and innovative schemes of Akshay Singh and Yogesh Batra, these businesses have achieved great heights.

When two people have the capability to help such small local businesses, definitely they will the attention of the marketing gurus. As the marketing gurus suggest :

“It is not always that such young and talented people dare to do what they feel like, and of course, a heavy burden on nubile minds is something the parents are afraid to put. But, they have overcome every hurdle in their path and destined for a great future.”


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