Yellowstone Season 4: Release date, Plot, Cast


Yellowstone is a drama television series created by Taylor Sheridan and John Linson. The first season premiered on June 20th, 2018 on Paramount Network, followed by the release of the second season on June 19th, 2019.

Paramount Network renewed the series for a third season which aired on June 21st, 2020.

The story revolves around the Dutton family, owners of the largest ranch in the United States, under constant attack by those it borders – land developers, an Indian reservation, and America’s first National Park.

A Quick Recap of Season 3 Finale:

Jamie finds out that his biological father is Garrett Randall.

After speaking with his biological father, Jamie realizes certain truths about his life that will set him on a different path; Willa tells Roarke to play dirty, and he’ll do whatever she wants.


Meanwhile, Mia confronts Jimmy about his brand and challenges him to return to rodeo.

Angela Blue Thunder scold Rainwater for being a slave to the white man’s rules and tells him that he must retake the land even by force if necessary.

An all-out war is unleashed on the Dutton family as each of them is targeted by the assassins.

The cast of Yellowstone Season 4:

Yellowstone Season 3’s ending left everyone in shock.

Fans are still wondering that whether their favorite chareacters will make a comeback or not.

In the last episode, viewers saw a bomb detonate in Beth’s office, and Kayce and John get shot in separate incidents.

We have to wait for a while to know the fate of the Duttons. Until season 4 premieres, we expect the main characters to be back for the next season.

The Plot of Season 4:


We will likely see the introduction of a new player, or players, who alter the terms of the conflict and shuffles the current state of play.

As it stands, the Duttons’ interests are aligned with Chairman Rainwater’s. John and Rainwater make unlikely bedfellows as they fight with pistols and paperwork to preserve the sanctity of the valley, they both aspire to own in perpetuity.

We are assuming that Jamie will capitalize on Beth’s death and be coerced by his natural father, as he has the power of attorney and can use it to usurp his adopted father (John Dutton) and try to sell the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch for considerable gains.

Season 4 Release Date:

Paramount Network confirmed that their hit ranching drama isn’t ending anytime soon.

The third season debuted on June 21st, 2020, and the previous seasons were also released in June. So, we can expect Yellowstone Season 4 to premiere in June 2021.

While there were concerns that filming would be delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic, the show’s creator confirmed that they were forging ahead with season 4.

He said “We’re supposed to start mid-August, and we’re putting that together as best we can. I’m fortunate that this show shoots on a ranch in Montana. We’re going to shoot exclusively there this year, or in and around it.”


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