Will there be a Nightbooks 2? What are the Chances?


Are you ready for Nightbooks 2? Well, no one is actually ready for spooky and horror stories. The kids’ fantasy horror is not just another horror movie. However, the movie has a very plain and simple plotline, yet it is quite intriguing. The story follows the life of a story writer Alex, who is in the custody of a diabolical witch. Although Alex is a good writer, the witches’ demand of a story every single day pisses him off. It just gets darker and darker every day. Therefore, Alex pairs up with his friend and inmate Yasmin and tries to figure out a way to kick the witch out of their apartment.

Will there be a Nightbooks 2? What are the Chances?
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Will Nightbooks Season 2 Happen?


Since the release of the movie, viewers are wondering about Nightbooks 2. They are desperately wanting to know about the sequel of the movie. However, the movie has received a very good response from Netflix users. Despite its fairytale ambiance, the movie seemed to please the audience as well as the critics. So far, we haven’t heard any news regarding the sequel of the movie. Although the director of the movie expressed his desire to come up with a part 2 in one of his interviews. Based on J.A. White’s book, the story seems to have a continuation further.

What did the Director Say?

Speaking about Nightbooks 2, director David Yarovesky seemed quite positive. In an interview, he revealed that he wishes to come up with the sequel of the movie. However, he did not reveal his instant plans regarding the filming and productions. Although the movie did not amaze a lot of fans, the critics were very much impressed. They have given positive reviews about the fairytale saga because of its aura, ambiance, and set development. Moreover, the story links with old school kids’ fairy tales and that’s why it has a strong possibility of returning for a second time.

Plot Synopsis


The prologue of the movie depicts Alex dreaming about a house that his parents have gifted him. At first, he thinks that it is just another spooky house, but it turns out as a really gloomy one. In the meantime, Natacha, the witch appears in front of Alex and starts enquiring about him. Alex is a budding story writer who specializes in the horror genre.

Will there be a Nightbooks 2? What are the Chances?
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Natacha makes a deal with Alex that he will recite a horror story to her every day to keep her content. Meanwhile, Alex meets his inmate Yasmine, whom Natacha has prisoned in the house too. The two hunt a library in the house where they find a handwritten method to escape from that place. However, another prisoner who had escaped from the house had probably written the note. After reading the note, Alex figures out his own way to get out of the spooky house. Let’s see if we get a Nightbooks Season 2 or not.

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