Will there be a Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 9, Here’s Everything You Need to Know


Who on earth will not want Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 9? Undoubtedly, the show is one of the most loved and appreciated shows on television. Whenever it comes to cop comedy, the first thing that pops into our mind is this series. Although the whole series is hilarious and full of puns, a large part of the comedy comes from detective Jake Peralta and Captain Raymond Holt’s duo.

However, they might have very different personalities and may not get along with each other sometimes; but they do have one thing in common, they love challenges. One thing that we actually love about the show besides humor and comedy, is its LGBTQ representation.


Will there be a Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 9, Here's Everything You Need to Know
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Let’s Recap

Before discussing Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 9, let’s talk about the show’s history. The show first premiered as a hilarious crime drama in 2013 on Fox. Despite its huge fan following and massive audience gathering, Fox canceled the show after spawning five seasons. But, here’s where fans got lucky. Later, NBC picked up the show and decided to give it a new home. Moreover, the comedy-crime series has garnered several awards such as the Golden Globe Award, Critics’ Choice Television Awards, and the Primetime Emmy Awards. As the show’s eighth season is coming to a wrap, fans are wondering about the fate of the series.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 5 is Canceled


We might disappoint the fans here. In February this year, NBC announced that they will bring the entire series to an end with the eighth season. Therefore, Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 9 is not happening. However, the recent and eighth season of the show premiered in August 2021 and aired its concluding episode on September 17, 2021. Creator Dan Goor announced the cancelation and thanked the audience for their immense love and support throughout the eight seasons.

Will there be a Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 9, Here's Everything You Need to Know
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Dan Goor’s Statements About the Show

While announcing the cancelation of Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 9, Dan Goor stated several nostalgic moments. He remembered an incident from the initial days of the show. Goor said that when he pitched the pilot episode to Andy Samberg, he said that he’s in but the story will go over 153 episodes. The creator said that he was shocked and happy at the same time as he and Mike had already envisioned 153 episodes. Henceforth, Goor is quite happy that the characters got the ending they deserved. Despite all the hardships that the show faced in the past, we know it was a big hit. Although the show was already canceled once in the past, fans are still hopeful that it might return again. But this time the chances are very low. The show has ended for good reasons.

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