Why the Indian Flag was seen at US Capitol Protests?


A viral social media post of an unidentified person waving an Indian flag among American flags during the US Capitol Hill clashes has enraged some Twitter users including politicians, raising questions over its presence during the protests.

The Indian flag first surfaced in a video posted by Alejandro Alvarez, the digital editor of the Washington news radio station WTOP and was only seen among the crowd standing back from the Capitol on the street while much further ahead some people were climbing on the building’s steps.

BJP Lok Sabha MP Varun Gandhi posted the video and questioned why the Indian flag was outside the Capitol building.


Reacting to Varun Gandhi’s tweet, an Indian-American Twitter user said that the number of NRIs supporting Trump is pretty huge and raised concerns over the overwhelming support by Indian-Americans for Trump.

According to most surveys, the majority of Indian-Americans have always leaned towards the Democratic Party. There had, however, been an anecdotal indication that certain sections among Indian-Americans were getting attracted to Trump over his term.

An Indian-American Republican political activist, Vincent Xavier, tweeted on Thursday pictures of the flags India, South Korea, and Iran at the protest.

The Iranian flag was from the pre-Islamic revolution era.


His tweet said: “American patriots – Vietnamese, Indian, Korean & Iranian origins, & from so many other nations & races, who believe massive voter fraud has happened joined rally yesterday in solidarity with Trump.

Peaceful protestors who were exercising our rights.” On his Facebook page, Xavier posted a video of a person at the protest with an Indian flag.

Another pre-election survey by Carnegie Endowment had put an even higher number for Democratic support among Indian-Americans – 72% for Biden and just 22% for Trump. The report had analyzed that US-born Indian-Americans had a more pronounced tilt towards the Democratic Party compared to naturalized citizens.

However, a pre-election survey had shown that among Asian Americans, the Indian community had the strongest support for Democratic candidate Joe Biden. According to data released in the 2020 Asian American Voter Survey last September, around 65% of Indian-Americans had said that they would vote for Biden. This was more than the overall percentage of 54% among Asian Americans.


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