WHO’s Expert Team Is All Set For The “Origin Of The COVID19” Research To Wuhan.


Michael Ryan, the WHO director says that they are not looking for somebody to blame. As far as we know, the coronavirus emerged from Wuhan in China. But there is neither research nor documentation about the exact origin of COVID19. A week ago, the head of WHO, Tedros Adhanom urged Chinese officials to allow the entrance of an expert team to China, for further research on the virus. Ultimately, which faced a lot of obstructions and counterfactuals. And now, the director has come forward. On Monday, WHO claims, that the international investigation into the coronavirus’s origin, is about to begin in the second week of January.

WHO emergencies director Michael Ryan says that the delayed mission; the progress of the WHO’s expert team into China for research on coronavirus’s virus; is finally given a GO by the Chinese officials. Besides, he adds that the ongoing project is concerning science and not politics.

What is the WHO’s project in China?


Earlier, the World Health Organisation’s head Tedros Adhanom; was frustrated about the Chinese’s insufficient behavior to enable the team of experts into their country. Indeed, the WHO’s team of experts is provided to examine the COVID19’s origin. The contention is due to the Chinese official’s setback to finalize the schedule. Although, it is in hands of the Chinese government to approve the entry of the WHO team. Well, lately, it is given a green light.

WHO Director; Michael Ryan and Head; Tedros Adhanom.

Recently, during the press conference in Geneva, the director of WHO claims that; “Understanding the origins of disease is not about finding somebody to blame”. He also continues his statement by saying that; “It is about the scientific answers about the very important interface between the animal kingdom and the human kingdom”.


Moreover, he affirms that the forthcoming WHO expert team’s research would enable scientists to understand the interface accurately. Michael Ryan closes his statement by claiming that “We are looking for the answers here, not culprits and not people to blame”.

What is the primary concern of this research?

So, as per the reports, a total of ten international experts will be vising Wuhan, China. The research will be forwarded on Thursday, to investigate the origins of the new coronavirus. Initially, amid the accusation of China’s virus, Beijing tried to stop the WHO’s expert team’s investigation.

Coronavirus in Wuhan

The World Health Organisation’s expert team discloses that the research is to crack the mysterious origin of COVID19. It is still moot, whether the virus spread to humans from animals or another source. Consequently, this would help scientists to prevent another pandemic, as much as deadly as COVID19.



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