Who Will Be The First To Receive Covid Vaccine It In India?


The United Kingdom has become the first western country to roll out covid vaccine which is developed jointly by the German biotechnology company BioNTech. While this is happening the Pharma giant has also got approval from India’s Drugs Controller General for the ’emergency use’ authorization to use the vaccine in emergency cases in India.

The health ministry along with Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently made a statement saying that once the vaccine gets rolled out which is going to be happening early next year. It would be distributed among the public as per the prioritization of the population groups by the National Expert Group on Vaccine Administration (NEGVAC) panel.


PM Modi likely to discuss Covid-19 vaccine distribution with states  tomorrow - india news - Hindustan Times
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Union Health Minister Rajesh Bhushan also talked recently about it and discussed the various levels of distribution of the covid vaccine. He also co-chairs the National Expert Group on Vaccine Administration (NEGVAC) of covid-19. He said, “We believe that in the initial phase, maybe in the first month, the vaccine arrival will be limited. However, in subsequent months, it will increase. Therefore, all the different priority groups can be vaccinated together.” Along with that, Bhushan also emphasized that the Final Decision on who is going to be prioritized will remain in the hands of the Central Government and will depend on the recommendations of the committee as well as state governments.

Priority List To Distribute Covid Vaccine


According to the Recommendation of NEGVAC, the distribution of covid vaccine is going to start with the Healthcare sector which includes Health Care providers, workers. This is going to be followed by Frontline workers including police as well as armed forces, civil defense, municipal workers, and disaster management volunteers. After that, people above 50 years and those less than 50 years with associate comorbidities are also going to be prioritized and will be provided first.

Rajesh Bhushan the Union Health secretary said, “First, it has been recommended that the priority group should include health care providers and workers, from both government and private. Our estimation is that this number is around one crore… Second, frontline workers should be given priority; this group will include state and central police departments, armed forces, home guards, civil defense organizations including disaster management volunteers and municipal workers. This group is estimated to be around two crores.”

considering this long list of priority population groups, it is obviously presumable that the younger population is going to wait for their turn to arrive and hence should take precautionary measures. This action is taken into consideration that the young body has a stronger immune system to fight against deadly viruses.

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