WHO Says Can’t Force China to Give More Information on COVID-19 Origin


The WHO in its recent statement said that they cannot force China to give more data on COVID-19 origin. Antony Blinken, the US Secretary of State Attorney mentioned that they should dive deeper into COVID-19 origin. Moreover, they should hold China accountable and investigate further. Blinken mentioned the need of knowing the origin.


WHO Says Can't Force China to Give More Information on COVID-19 Origin
Source: WHO

Can’t Force China to Provide More Information: WHO

A WHO official said that they can no more force China to provide more data on COVID-19 origin. He also mentioned that it will need more studies to understand where exactly the virus emerged. There are certain theories that point out the virus’s origin. Scientists around the world have proposed different theories regarding this issue. The most common is the lab leak theory. Mike Ryan, the WHO’s emergency program director, said that they don’t have the power to compel anyone. He replied this to a reporter who asked “how will WHO compel China?” Mike further added that they expect full cooperation as they cannot force them.

The Different Theories Regarding COVID-19 Origin 


As mentioned above, there are several theories regarding COVID-19’s origin. Some scientists suggest that the virus is completely natural. It is a natural element that originated in Wuhan’s meat market. However, some experts are not ready to accept the fact that COVID-19 naturally emerged. They proposed the lab-leak theory. Some experts believe that COVID-19 emerged from a Wuhan lab. And that the Chinese are accountable for the spread of the virus globally. In February 2021, the WHO officials went to Wuhan and investigated the origin. But couldn’t find anything that could point towards the lab-leak theory. The WHO officers called the leak theory ‘unlikely’.

WHO Says Can't Force China to Give More Information on COVID-19 Origin
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It is Quite Important to Know How the Virus Originated: Blinken 

Antony Blinken said that they need to know the origin to prevent future pandemics. He also added that officials should start a fresh investigation. It is very important to know the virus’s origin. Besides preventing future pandemics, they can mitigate it too. China has constantly denied this theory that COVID-19 originated in their lab. however, Former US President Donald Trump has vividly called the virus a Chinese-oriented virus. However, the WHO is trying its best to find more information on the virus.

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