WHO Experts Start Probe In Wuhan: China Against COVID-19 Origin Presumptions


A combative China warned Wuhan against adverse assumptions and politicised perceptions of the source of the coronavirus. This is after Thursday’s WHO team of experts walked out of their hotel. In the central Chinese city, where COVID-19 first appeared in 2019. They eventually ended their two-week quarantine to make site visits.

The 14-member group of professional scientists from the World Health Organisation, who’d been bound to their accommodation in Wuhan. This was because of the quarantine, launched part of their month-long quest to investigate how the coronavirus was possibly transmitted to humans from pangolins or bats.

To convey their delight over the completion of the quarantine era, some of the WHO experts took to Social media like Twitter.

China’s Point Over Wuhan About Being Origin:

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian warned against any speculation as to any findings pinning the origin of the virus to Wuhan. It was first mentioned here about the transmission from animal to human at a market.


He told the press in Beijing that the team of experts would hold interviews and consultations with their Chinese peers while keeping with China’s rules on disease prevention.

“Presumptions, negative speculation and politicised interpretations will be very inappropriate and will bring unnecessary disruptions to WHO experts’ joint study in China and is not conducive to reaching science-based conclusions,” Zhao said.

“On the origin tracing, there are reports and studies…that show origin tracing is an ongoing process that might involve many places and it is a complicated scientific matter that should be conducted by scientists all over the world,” he said.

China warns against presumptions over Covid-19 origin as WHO experts begin  probe in Wuhan - The Financial Express
The Financial Express

While refusing that the coronavirus emerged in Wuhan, China appeals to evidence from Italy, Spain, and the United States about its occurrence in Wuhan prior to its emergence.


Along with this, Beijing appeared relieved over US President Joe Biden banning his predecessor’s references to COVID-19 as “China virus and Wuhan virus”.

“Inflammatory and xenophobic rhetoric has put Asian-American and Pacific Islander persons, families, communities and businesses at risk,” Biden said in a memorandum released on Tuesday.

“The federal government must recognise that it has played a role in furthering these xenophobic sentiments through the actions of political leaders, including references to the COVID-19 pandemic by the geographic location of its origin,” he said.

“The origin tracing must be conducted in a scientific manner. China rejects the labelling the virus and politicising the pandemic”. He said.

“We hope the US can work with a responsible attitude respecting facts and science and the effort of the international team so that they conduct scientific studies free from the disturbance of political factors,” Zhao said.

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