WHO Approves China’s Sinopharm Covid Vaccine For Emergency Use


It’s big news for China. The World Health Organization (WHO) Friday approved China’s Sinopharm for emergency use. Sinopharm is a Chinese-developed COVID-19 vaccine. It is also the first Chinese jab to receive approval from WHO.

Sinophram Approved for Emergency Use in China 

Currently, Sinopharm is only approved for emergency use in China. We can hope the vaccine to get administered in other countries in the future. However, this is the first-ever vaccine to get approval for emergency use in China by WHO. This move would help China boost its vaccine diplomacy. Additionally, it is regulated for supply in other countries. Presently, there are five COVID-19 vaccines currently inoculating in China. Especially Sinopharm and Sinovac are in use, both at home and abroad.


WHO Approves China's Sinopharm Covid Vaccine For Emergency Use
Source: CNN

A Safe and Effective Vaccine 

The Sinopharm is a two-dose jab. Chinese officials are waiting for a green light for the vaccine. They are hoping to push the vaccine among several countries.  Besides that, it is already deploying in dozens of countries worldwide. WHO chief stated that Sinopharm is the sixth vaccine that is approved by the UN health body. It safe, sound, and effective against the Coronavirus. Just like any other Covid vaccine, it too provides immunity against the virus. The vaccine is eligible to all above 18 years of age. Moreover, the SAGE has reviewed and verified the vaccine. SAGE refers to Strategic Advisory Group of Experts.

Details Regarding Sinopharm

Sinopharm is produced by the Beijing Bio-Institute of Biological Products. It is a subsidiary of China National Biotec Group (CNBG). The vaccine is an inactivated vaccine called the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine (Vero cell). It has to be shot twice for effective results. On the other hand, its storage is very easy. It is also suitable for low-resource settings. The vaccine is also listed in WHO’s emergency use list. Hence, it paves the way for countries worldwide.  Especially, to quickly administer authentic Covid vaccines.


WHO Approves China's Sinopharm Covid Vaccine For Emergency Use
Source: Dawn

Sinopharm Resourceful for Global Vaccination Program 

This vaccine is useful to countries without an international standard regulator. It also opens a door for entering the Covax global vaccine sharing scheme. This is a scheme that allows global circulation of the COVID-19 vaccine. Moderna, Pfizer, and AstraZeneca top the list. Although, especially in poorer countries. However, Sinopharm is already in use in 42 territories worldwide. It is the fourth globally recognized jab.

Besides China, it is administered in several countries currently. Egypt, UAE, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Hungary are some of them. Sinovac, another Chinese vaccine is expected to get a green signal from WHO. Its production is going on in Wuhan. Coronavirus was first detected in China’s Wuhan province.

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