WhatsApp responds to criticism over new privacy policy: Here’s what it said


WhatsApp finally responded to the criticism over its new privacy policy. Since its new update, the messaging app has constantly gained criticism. People are questioning their privacy. Here is how the company responded.

WhatsApp Responds at its Criticism 

WhatsApp has finally broken its silence over its privacy policy. It gained immense disapproval on its new update. Some people think that their privacy isn’t safe with the messaging app now.


WhatsApp responds to criticism over new privacy policy: Here’s what it said
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The Facebook-owned app said that other apps demand more data than they do. Besides this, many tech companies have similar privacy policies. And yet, nobody questions them. Defending themselves in Delhi HC, WhatsApp claimed that there are so many companies in the market that collect more data. It listed Zomato, Ola, Big Basket, and even Arogya Setu. Not only Indian, but International companies have similar policies. Microsoft, Google, Zoom, Republic TV, and Republic World were named.

Defends itself in Delhi HC


WhatsApp claimed in Delhi HC that there is no point in blocking its new update. It will undermine the user’s freedom to contract with the privacy policy. Besides that, it will also impact other tech companies in the country. These include e-commerce websites, online doctor’s appointments, etc. Many companies in India use a similar privacy policy. WhatsApp has assured its users several times that their data is completely safe.

WhatsApp responds to criticism over new privacy policy: Here’s what it said
Source: The Financial Express

WhatsApp Assures Safety and Authenticity 

The order came immediately after when WhatsApp rolled back its May 15 deadline. Moreover, the company has clarified that no user will lose their account. Nobody will lose their functionality for not accepting the new policies. The privacy policy controversy is going on since February 2021. Due to privacy concerns, many users deleted their WhatsApp account. They shifted to alternatives like Signal. However, the messaging app has clarified several times that they are 100% safe and authentic. Despite such assurances, people are skeptical.

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