WhatsApp Introduces a New Disappearing Photos and Videos Feature, Know More About it


WhatsApp is well-known for adding new features to its application every now and then. Recently, the messaging app has come up with a disappearing photos and videos feature that will help keep your sensitive photos safe. The application has made sure that such sensitive photos and videos do not come back to haunt you in the future.

The New WhatsApp Disappearing Photos and Videos Feature

WhatsApp has introduced a new disappearing photos and videos feature recently on its application. This new feature ensures privacy and safety to users. However, it means that the users’ sensitive data is safe with them and it will never make its way back in the future to haunt them. Besides this feature, the application is also working on bringing a multidevice feature for its users. Currently, it is only out for its beta users. But the disappearing photos and videos feature are now available for all users.


WhatsApp Introduces a New Disappearing Photos and Videos Feature, Know More About it
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What are the Benefits of this New Feature? 

After a few days of testing the disappearing photos and videos feature, WhatsApp cited the benefits. The parent company, Facebook said in a statement that this feature will help to keep the users’ phones tidy. The application also has a disappearing messages feature, in which messages get automatically deleted after a certain period of time. Besides that, this feature also promises users safety and privacy. Photos and videos consume a lot of space in the users’ gallery. However, this new feature will help the user in storage management.

How to Avail the New WhatsApp Feature


When a user sends a disappearing message on WhatsApp, the view once feature pops up. The user can open the message once and view it just like Snapchat. After the message is viewed, it will appear as “opened”. Henceforth, the user will face no confusion about what is happening in the chat at that time.

WhatsApp Introduces a New Disappearing Photos and Videos Feature, Know More About it
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If you want to send someone a view once a message, use the app’s camera and click a photo. Then, tap the (1) icon to send the photo as view once. However, after you have sent the photo, you cannot access it anymore. Only the recipient can view it once.

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