What Is The New Amendment To China’s Defence Law About?


Lately, in 2021, China’s President Xi Jinping is in the headlines regarding their amendments to China’s Defence law. The emendation is about providing the Central Military Commission (CMC), a tremendous influence in mobilizing resources. It is to protect a new and broader purpose of what makes up the national interest.

Moreover, the revised effective ordinances on military equipment will be focusing on war preparedness and combat capabilities. According to the official Xinhua news agency claims that “the revision defines the basic tasks, contents and management mechanisms for military equipment work under the new situation and system.” The CMC is under the supervision of the Chinese President, Xi Jinping. 

What is the new law about? 


The document, which State media said includes over 100 stipulations in 14 chapters. This will be focusing on the general principle of the CMC; such as exercising overall leadership, theater commands responsible for military operations, and other crucial services. Development interest term is a new addition to the law, remarking on China’s economic actions and investments overseas; such as those under the Belt and Road Initiative, as a reason for defense mobilization.

China's amendments in defence law
What is China’s amendment in defense law about?

What is the use of this amendment to defense law? 

This will be enhancing the security fields such as; beyond land borders, maritime and air defense, to include outer space and electromagnetic networks. The amendment also explained China’s participation in global security governance, admission to multilateral security issues. And also assured to set up a pack of international rules that are widely accepted, fair, and reasonable. 


On the other hand, it’s aim is to increase the control exercised by the CMC. And transfer some decision-making that is formerly exercised by the State Council. Plus the government will allocate these to the CMC. The primary goal of this amendment is to speed up the modernization plans for the People’s Liberation Army.

Having said that, the new law will undermine the importance of the State Council. Meanwhile, China’s Cabinet headed by Premier Li Keqiang, in developing China’s military strategy will meet the same.

When will the amended Law be effective? 

China's amendments in defence law
Chinese President Xi Jinping

According to Zeng Zhiping, a military law expert at Soochow University, says that the new law, which has been effective since 1st January 2021; would be useful in research and development as well as improvements in the management of existing military equipment. So, it’s alteration is to provide the path for the future development of Chinese weaponry depending on the craving for gaining a victory in a future war. 


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