‘We Decide Our Foreign Policy’: Bangladesh Reacts to Chinese Warning over Joining Quad


China has warned Bangladesh on joining the US-led ‘Quad’ alliance. It has further said that this alliance could damage China-Bangladesh bilateral relations.

Bangladesh Reacts to China’s Warning 

Bangladesh strongly reacted to China’s warning. They said that they are an independent nation. Moreover, they decide their own foreign policy. Foreign Minister Dr. AK Abdul Momen clarified the warning. China called Dhaka’s participation in the Quad ethically wrong. It said that their participation in the ‘anti-Beijing club’ might lead to substantial damage. This warning indicated China’s deep annoyance with Quad as well as America. China cannot withstand any interruption in its influence zone.


'We Decide Our Foreign Policy': Bangladesh Reacts to Chinese Warning over Joining Quad
Source: The Daily Star

Chinese Ambassador Calls the Alliance a Bad Idea 

Chinese ambassador Li Jiming called the alliance a bad idea. He stated that it is wrong because it is not good for China-Bangladesh bilateral relations. The Chinese envoy said that they have already conveyed the message to Sheikh Hasina. Li described the Quad as a ‘narrow purpose geopolitical Clinique. He made it very clear that Bangladesh should not join them. Besides that, it is highly non-beneficial. Wei Fenghe, Chinese Foreign Minister visited Bangladesh in April this year. His visit referred to a Chinese declaration against military alliances in South Asia. It would lead to ‘hegemonism’. However, observers assumed that he is referring to India.

Bangladesh Responds to Chines Official’s Statement


Bangladesh Foreign Minister reacted to Li Jiming’s statement. He said that Dhaka maintains a balanced foreign policy. Certainly, there are principles and they will act accordingly. Li Jiming represents a country. He can say what he wants and those are his opinions. Any country can uphold its position. Therefore, the comment is an advanced one. Momen clarified that no one from Quad has approached Bangladesh yet. He did not comment much on Li Jiming’s statement.

'We Decide Our Foreign Policy': Bangladesh Reacts to Chinese Warning over Joining Quad
Source: Benar News

What is QUAD? 

The QUAD refers to Quadrilateral Security Dialogue. It is an informal group combining India, the US, Japan, and Australia. The group was initiated in 2007. President Joe Biden held the first Quad leaders’ summit on March 12 this year. It was held virtually. PM Narendra Modi, Australian PM Scott Morrison, and Japanese PM Yoshihide Suga joined Biden in the summit. Although, China has always opposed Quad. It said that exchange between countries should be mutual. Moreover, it should add trust and cooperation. But Quad, on the other hand, is targeting third-party interests.

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