Washington to Offer Free Marijuana Joints to Ramp Up COVID-19 Vaccination Drive


Washington is offering free marijuana rolls to all those who get themselves vaccinated. However, this scheme is only for those people who are 21 or more than that. This unique way of accelerating the COVID-19 vaccination drive is gaining immense popularity. Besides the US, different countries have come up with different schemes to ramp up their vaccination drive. But this one is something on the next level.

Get a Vaccine, Recieve Free Marijuana in Washington 

Washington is offering ‘jab for joints’; as its new scheme to ramp up the COVID-19 vaccination drive. Since a few days, the officials noticed a downfall in the inoculation rates. And they could think of no other idea than this to boost it. Henceforth, they are offering one free, pre-rolled marijuana joints to all those people who get vaccinated. Only people above 21 years of age are eligible for the free joint.


Washington to Offer Free Marijuana Joints to Ramp Up COVID-19 Vaccination Drive
Source: New York Post

Who is Offering the Free Joints? 

The Washington Cannabis dispensaries were legalized in 2012. Henceforth, their joint is 100% legal. It will offer a joint to all those people who get vaccinated at an in-store clinic. The minimum age limit for availing of a free joint is 21 years. Although this scheme is only valid up till July 12. However, the vendor’s participation in this scheme is completely optional.

The Free Alcohol Scheme in Washington 


A month ago, Washington allowed bars and other liquor licenses to provide free alcoholic drinks to adults. The scheme was for those people who receive their doses within a six-week window. Many people came forward for vaccination post announcement. And now the state has come up with another scheme to boost the vaccination drive.

Washington to Offer Free Marijuana Joints to Ramp Up COVID-19 Vaccination Drive
Source: YouTube

Many States have Come Up with Different Schemes

According to health experts, only 54% of Washington residents have got their first COVID-19 vaccine shot. The vaccination drive has slowed down in several US states. Henceforth, the authorities are coming up with different schemes to encourage people. California and Ohio have started the lottery system. They are offering goodies and cash prizes to random vaccine recipients. Arizona cannabis dispensaries have already given free products to those who got vaccinated. President Joe Biden’s target is to vaccinate 70% of Americans before July 4. At least with the first jab. The current figure stands at 63.7%.

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