Virgin River Season 4: When is it Coming to Netflix?


Fans are wondering about Virgin River Season 4 for a long time now. The romantic drama aired its recent and third season in July 2021, leaving fans on a major cliffhanger. Since then, the viewers are looking forward to the fourth season. Although Netflix hasn’t officially announced anything, we are quite sure that the series will return for a fourth season. Besides that, we have also heard some rumors revolving around the show’s production. Here’s everything that we know about the upcoming season.

Virgin River Season 4 Expected Release Date

Although Netflix is yet to officially renew Virgin River Season 4, we are sure that the show will return very soon. The third season of the series aired in July 2021 and keeping that in mind, we are very patient regarding the renewal status. Moreover, the series’ cast and crew have also hinted towards the possibility of a new season. Netflix has started this new trend of delaying series for a while now. There are several series and shows that are put on hold. Likewise, after Virgin River Season 3 finished airing, fans were quite about a new season as it ended with a cliffhanger. Hopefully, we hear some good news very soon.


Virgin River Season 4: When is it Coming to Netflix?
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Production Status

Some sources have revealed that the shooting for Virgin River Season 4 has already started on July 28, 2021. Although Netflix is remaining secretive in this regard, the cast has already spilled several beans. Star Alexandra Breckenridge who plays Mel in the show said that she and Martin Henderson aka Jack are spending a lot of time together. They are shooting scenes together rather than just doing a table read. Besides that, Alexandra has also hinted that people will go bananas over the forthcoming season. The show is currently in its production phase. If things go on as planned, we can expect a new season sometime in 2022.

Is Season 4 the Final Season?

There are several rumors regarding this issue. Several sources have revealed that Virgin River Season 4 is the final season of the entire franchise. Well, we are not relying on this news. Until and unless we hear something official from Netflix, we are not going to assume anything. So far, Netflix hasn’t even announced the renewal of the drama. Let’s wait for further information.

Virgin River Season 4 Storyline


Jack is stuck between Mel and the custody case of the twins from his ex-wife. Although he tries to maintain a balance between these two things, he fails miserably. Moreover, we also come to know that Mel is pregnant and Jack is extremely shocked by this sudden turn of events.

Virgin River Season 4: When is it Coming to Netflix?
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We also witnessed the rocky relationship between Brady and Brie after he gets arrested for supposedly shooting Jack. In Virgin River Season 4, we will find out who’s the father of Mel’s baby and whether Brady is the one who shot Jack or not.

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