Virgin River Season 3: Release date, Plot, Cast


Virgin River is a romantic drama television series created by Sue Tenny and produced by Reel World Management. The first season aired on Netflix on 6th December 2019. The second season was released on 27th November 2020.

The story revolves around Melinda Monroe, who accepted an offer to work as a midwife and a nurse practitioner in Virgin River, a remote town located in California.

But soon she realizes that small-town life is not that simple as she expected it to be.

What happened in Virgin River Season 2 Finale?


A friend of Paige named Sally visits Preacher and tells him that Wes’s brother found her and left a message. Christopher runs up to the preacher and hugs him. This means that preacher is not going to San Francisco

Meanwhile, as Hope and Doc get home, there’s an engagement party waiting for them. But season 2 ending takes a horrific turn when Jack receives a message from Mike and his operation on Calvin. Mike tells him that Brady is going to be arrested as well.

In the evening, when Mel enters Jack’s bar, she finds him in really bad shape. He had a bloody wound on his stomach and was barely able to keep conscious. She tries to remain calm while helping him, but deep inside she’s afraid to lose another man she loves.

VIrgin River Season 2 Finale

The plot of Virgin River Season 3:

Season 2 surely left everyone on a cliff-hanger.

Sue Tenny recently stated that the third season will see “a larger time jump than we had between seasons one and two”, while the mystery as to who shot Jack will span “over several seasons”.


Season three will also provide some answers for Hope and Doc, who were going to discuss some medical news before getting interrupted by a surprise re-engagement party.

Tenny told that Doc’s diagnosis will be the center of focus in next season, adding that his new situation will be “a complication that will challenge him and will challenge his relationship with Hope”.

The Cast of Season 3:

The cast includes Alexandra Breckenridge, Martin Henderson, Colin Lawrence, Lauren Hammersley, Tim Matheson, Annette O’Toole, Jenny Cooper, Grayson Gurnsey, and Benjamin Hollingsworth.

There will also be a few new faces in season 3: Zibby Allen and Stacey Farber.

Season 3 Release Date:

Netflix has confirmed that there will be Virgin River Season 3, but the date has not been specified yet. Given that both previous Seasons were released at the end of the year, we might expect Virgin River Season 3 to be released In November or December 2021.


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