Vincenzo Episode 18 To Release After A Short Break, Release Date, Updates, and More!


The famous K-Drama Vincenzo has been kept on hold for a few days now. Vincenzo episodes 17 and 18 will be most probably released by next week. Show makers have said that it was necessary to take a break so that the quality of the K-Drama could be improved. The drama currently airs on the original network TvN. However, it is simultaneously also streaming internationally via Netflix.

It is one of the most popular K-Dramas and is loved by a large number of people. Earlier this week, one of the production crew from the show revealed that episodes 17 and 18 would not be released anytime soon. On April 7th, a representative from the network revealed that some changes are being made to the plot of the show. Probably, this could be the reason why the show has been put on hold. What are the changes? Is there any new storyline? A lot of questions are left unanswered due to the delay. Let us dig a bit more into this topic.

Why are the episodes being delayed? 

As mentioned earlier, episodes 17 and 18 of Vincenzo have been delayed by the team and TvN network. Even the streaming partner Netflix, has also made changes in the release dates. Although the exact reason for the delay is still unknown. Some sources say that the show is currently preparing a special episode for its fans. In the past few days, the show has become so popular that the makers had to bring in something special for the fans. Most probably, this could be the reason behind the delay of episodes. Some changes might be brought to the plot of the show. K-Dramas are in huge demand nowadays. Vincenzo, in the beginning, had a very decent rating. But soon the numbers kept rising higher and higher. Henceforth, we can assume that something interesting is cooking behind the scenes of the show.

Massive Success 

So far in episodes 13 and 14, there was a sudden rise in viewership ratings. This means that the drama is being appreciated quite a lot. Henceforth, in order to maintain the high stakes, the production is making a few changes in the content of the show. Kim Hee-Won, the director of the dark comedy-drama said that he is very amazed by the popularity of the show. The character of Vincenzo Cassano is being played by Song Joong Ki has added a bit extra to the hype of the show.

Cast of Vincenzo
Source: Tatler Malaysia


Song Joong Ki is one of the most popular Korean actors.  Not only the lead cast, but the others actors have also contributed a lot to the show. It is a unanimous effort of all the actors, crew, and the production that has made the show so popular today. Besides that, the audience is enjoying what the show makers are presenting them. Hence to maintain the quality of the show, some major changes are being done.  We hope to see something out of the box when the delayed episodes will premier. The drama would be presented in a much more refined way in front of the audience. Watch Vincenzo’s trailer here.

Expected Release Date 

So far, we just know that episodes 17 and 18 have been delayed by the production. The reason behind the delay is also known to us now. Usually, South Korean dramas are rarely delayed. They are released and aired on the fixed date. Currently, the show is at its peak not only in South Korea but worldwide. The episodes of the show are streamed on Netflix only after they are aired on the TvN network. Instead of episodes 17 and 18, a special episode will be aired on April 17, 2021. And episodes 17 and 18 will be released on April 24th and April 25th respectively. However, this is not officially confirmed.

Story so far 

Episode 16 left the fans at a cliffhanger when Song Joong Ki started wailing in front of his on-screen mother, Yoon Bok In. After episode 16, the ratings of the show went sky high with an average nationwide rating of 10.6%. The previous episode witnessed Vincenzo sharing an emotional moment with his birth mom. On the show, Vincenzo was adopted by an Italian family at a very young age. he grew up in Italy as a great Italian lawyer and Mafia.

Recap: Vincenzo (Episode 16)
Source: Drama Milk

After indulging in a fight with his organization, Vincenzo returns to his native land, Korea. There he meets Hong Cha Young (Jeon Yeo Bin) and they start working together. Episode 16 showed Vincenzo assisting her birth mom in a wheelchair. They had an emotional together, which was indeed full of regrets. In episode 16, some villains were also seen trying to get rid of Vincenzo. Being accused of President Oh’s death, the hero quickly makes a move in order to find the real culprit. He starts working with the Geumga Plaza Family. What happens next will be revealed in episodes 17 and 18. The culprit will be finally unveiled and a lot more beans would be spilled.

Life of Song Joong Ki 

The lead actor of the show, Song Joong Ki aka Vincenzo has a huge fan following globally. With 3 million Instagram followers, the actor has already established a place for himself in everybody’s heart. He is originally from South Korea. After Vincenzo, the fame of this Korean star has touched great heights. He also ranked number 1 in the list of actors that created the most buzz a few days ago. Besides acting, Song Joong Ki is also interested in sports; but he had to give it up because of some serious injuries.


Song Joong Ki
Source: South China Morning Post

Song’s family never favored his acting career. They wanted him to study and get a corporate job but Song chose to act when he was in his third year of college. He has a degree in business administration. In the year 2017, Song married his co-star from the series ‘Descendants of the Sun’, Song Hye Kyo. He is in the buzz every now and then because of his ongoing show Vincenzo. We can probably say that Song Joong Ki is the star and the spotlight of the show.

A Bonus to the Viewers 

As a bonus surprise gift to the fans of the show, the production will release a special episode on April 17th. The time slot is to be decided yet. Since the popularity of the show is rising day by the day, the producers will have to keep up the good work. A new storyline can also be expected after this short break. It is possible that some new cast could be included. Even the story might take a very big twist. Anything could happen and the most we could do is predict.

Drama 'Vincenzo' Poster
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The show is doing great on the small screen. Not only South Koreans but also people around the world are drooling all over this show. This not only adds fame to the show but also brings huge responsibilities to the show makers. One of the biggest challenges that the producers are facing right now is being consistent with the ratings. One mistake and the ratings will fall down. Henceforth, it is very important to bring slight changes to the show so that the audience loves it. The latest episodes will be aired soon a week later. Till then, keep enjoying and loving your favorite K-Drama.

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