Victoria Season 4: Will it Come Back Ever? The Latest Updates


Victoria Season 4 run is in the air with no wall to strike at, literally. Ever since the third season ended, the makers have been quite mum about it. Even though the lead star has expressed her willingness to play her role in the fourth season, it is still pretty vague. Let’s find out what is the exact future of the show.

Victoria is a British historical drama on iTV. It premiered originally in 2016 in the UK, and in the US on PBS on January 15, 2017. This Masterpiece anthology part is all over the world for its beauty of the show. Creator Diasy Goodwin has done an incredible job in bringing together the cast and the plot like God makes life. The show takes us along the life of Queen Victoria. We see her pass through various stages of life, personally and professionally. The youngest monarch has to get through several struggles and the series has so far shown them quite authentically with its own twist, obviously. The subjects of forbidden love, professional love, and maternal clutches, all give the show a wide coverage.


Victoria Season 4 updates
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Will we ever see Victoria Season 4?

Jenna Coleman wants to keep playing Queen Victoria because, in her opinion, there are few stories that she would love to portray. We still have not seen her two children and the story of Albert is hanging in the midst as well. However, even she herself wants to age a little bit to get in the age of reel Queen Victoria. Creator Goodwin, in 2019, spoke about Victoria Season 4 and she was ecstatic to show the potential suspense that may unfurl. She is writing the season. However, the schedules of the cast and crew along with the channel’s delays pose a major delay for the season.


Victoria Season 4 updates
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What will you see in the fourth season?

The fourth season if happens, will take on some arcs from Queen Victoria’s life. Daisy Goodwin talked to Digital Spy in 2019 and said, “I, am working on the series four and that’s going to be an absolute humdinger.” However, she did not reveal much about the plot. But, she did mention a possible death. It may be of Albert or she may give us a new twist no one expects. She also adds that “there is a lot to play with. I am really enjoying writing it.”

The cast of Victoria Season 4

The major dilemma is the cast of the show. The writer has insinuated a change in the cast a little bit. She said, “Somebody dies and someone new comes on the scene.” Thinking about that and what Jenna Coleman said that to portray the increasing age of Queen Victoria, we can see a recasting done. However, the makers have not said anything for sure and until then, we believe that the main cast of the third season will reprise in Victoria Season 4.


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