Utopia Season 2 On Amazon Prime: Release Date , Cast and Plot Info!


Utopia Season 2 is an upcoming edition of the American rendition of the British original series. There are only a few instances when the makers base their show on other hit shows. This is what happened with this show. Creator Gillian Flynn loved the channel 4’s Utopia show and decided to give his own mark to it. The show premiered on September 25, 2020, on Amazon Prime Video. The science fiction and black comedy-drama did exceedingly well among the audience. We can say the timing of the show plays a huge role in that. The virus plot relates it automatically to the current times. However, it is a work of fiction.

The show is different from the British one on account of violence. It is way less bloody. The story revolves around a search for a book that has all the answers to humanity’s doom. Flynn is stoked to see his show doing amazing and thus, he spoke about Utopia Season 2.


Utopia Season 2
Source: Now Magazine

The status of Utopia Season 2

The first season’s announcement came on April 19, 2018. Due to several disputes with HBO and its reinstatement to Prime, the show faced quite its share of hurdles. Still, the audience had to wait for quite a while. The pandemic is still not gone anywhere. So, presumably, we have to wait for a year or so for Utopia Season 2. The first season had to wait for a year after its wrap-up. The filming during the current period is next to impossible. Amazon prime has not yet finalized another installment, so we can’t say that the season is underway. Hence, the wait is on for the official verdict, the filming, and finally, its release.

What is the possible plot of the season?

The conjectures are mounting up when we don’t know the official news. However, that is where the thrill lies, anyway. By the end of the first season, we came to know the exact plans of Dr. Kevin Christie. He wanted to sterilize the human population for up to three generations to protect natural resources. There were quite mishaps that happened as well. Sam got killed, Grant got arrested, Jessica came to know her family’s truth, and Dr. Stearns ran away. Phew!


Utopia Season 2 will not revolve around viruses anymore. Gillian Fynn said, “I like shows that move on and move forward. I want the show to move on and go to different objectives.” There will be a continuation from where the show ended. But, Utopia Season 2 will have new stories to create newness as the creator wants.

Source: NBC News

The cast of Utopia Season 2

Judging from the unfinished business in the first season, Utopia Season 2 will have the same cast members. The cast who is alive will form a crucial role in the season. Judging Flynn’s criteria, we can also expect new people who will further create suspense in the show.


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