US President Trump Advocates Himself After Voting Early And Says, “I Voted For A Guy Named Trump”


US President Trump is in the news. Especially, with his recent activities ranging from his battleground states’ campaigns and rallies to yet again controversial final presidential debate. He is the guy who just doesn’t go unnoticed. He also cast an early vote in Florida. After voting, he comes out and declares that he voted for himself, no caps! The US presidential election is still away. But, the month of November couldn’t come faster. With different campaigns of both the candidates getting love and hate equally, this year’s presidential election becomes all the more suspenseful.

US President Trump cast an early vote
Source: The Montana Standard

US President Trump wants “four more years”


The supporters of the US President Trump are rallying to again bring him back to power. After all, they won’t be happy if he leaves the country. Though, that decision doesn’t seem too likely, but whatever. Trump cast an early vote for himself in West Palm Beach, Florida. He then took to Twitter to announce that he has exercised his right to vote and so should you.

The crowd near him chanted with much vigor, “Four more years”. This boosted our President even further. While talking to the reporters, he said that he voted for a guy named Trump. When they asked him about the reason for his in-person vote, he claimed that he is old fashioned apparently. He further stated that in-person voting is much “more secure than a ballot”. So, we think you should learn this and go vote in-person if you can to keep your votes secure. The rival candidate Joe Biden has not exercised his vote yet but will in the coming week in Delaware.


US President Trump cast an early vote
Say what?!?!

Biden will face battleground state Pennsylvania

Joe Biden is turning the heat up against his rival candidate. Biden also reprimanded Trump on his statements against India’s filthy air. He said, “No need to scold your friends.” Furthermore, Biden also said that he will promise free COVID-19 vaccines. He will address Pennsylvania along with musician Jon Bon Jovi in the 2020 White House race. US President Trump will go on his rallies in Columbus, Ohio, and Wisconsin. However, Biden is leading Trump in his major 2016 victory states. Biden also stated that he will not undermine the pandemic and whenever a safe and effective vaccine is out “it has to be free for everyone, whether or not you are insured.”

The four more years of US President Trump seems to be on the downhill. However, the rallies are the major turning point for anyone. As far as the campaign is concerned, the candidates have to prove what they want to deliver not just tackle others.


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