US Marshals Service Recovered 27 Children In Virginia During ‘Operation Find Your Child’


After a five-day search in Virginia, the US Marshals Service has recovered a total of 27 missing children. This is the latest attempt in a series of US Marshals Service operations. They have worked towards reuniting hundreds of endangered children with their legal guardian this year.

On October 30, 2020, the Justice Department of Virginia issued a press release. It stated the completion of a five-day law enforcement effort named “Operation Find Your Child”. This operation throughout Virginia has resulted in the recovery of 27 previously missing children. Additionally, the release stated that the operation has also confirmed the location of six more children, previously reported as missing. The US Marshals Service subsequently found them in the custody of their legal guardian.


According to the release, US Marshals from the Eastern and Western Districts of Virginia led the team. Furthermore, members of the US Marshals Service Capital Area Regional Fugitive Task Force and special agents, police officers and detectives from numerous federal, state, and local enforcement agencies, more than 60 law enforcement investigators were part of the primary team in the operation.

Additionally, more than 50 employees from the Virginia Department of Social Services and a team of medical professionals and experts from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) also joined the operation.

The US Marshals Service have recovered more than 2,000 children in five years

The release stated that the US Marshals Service has been going forward in a nationwide effort to rescue and recover missing and exploited children. They are also helping in preventing human trafficking. The release states that the agency has recovered more than 2,000 missing children in the last five years. It also mentions that they recovered missing children in 75 percet of the cases they have received. Also that they have recovered 72 percent of the cases they have recovered within seven days.


According to the release, Deputy General Jeffrey A. Rosen stated that the Department of Justice is dedicated to protecting the most vulnerable children in our society. He also added that ‘Operation Find Our Children’ does just that”. He mentioned that the Virginia operation is the US Marshals Service’s most recent recovery of endangered and missing children. Furthermore, they have also recovered more than 440 kids in Georgia, Ohio, Indiana, Louisiana, and other states. He said, “Because of this initiative, the recovered children are now out of harm’s way”.

The press release also quoted Nick E. Proffitt, US Marshal for the Eastern District of Virginia, who said, “I can think of no more critical or satisfying mission for a law enforcement officer, than rescuing an endangered child”. He said that the operation brought together a tremendous team. And that this team’s goal is to be a helping hand for the youth. He also added that they aim to bring to justice those that chose to prey on the endangered children.

As per the release he said that he was proud of the Deputy Marshals in the Eastern and Western Districts of Virginia and their partners for the work they executed that week and that the results spoke for themselves. He expressed gratitude for the 27 children being safe once again. As quoted by the release, he said, “I am deeply humbled and highly honored that our team in Eastern Virginia is a continuing part of this critical Marshals Service mission”.

We want the missing children across this great nation to know the US Marshals Service will never stop looking for you, we will find you,” said Proffitt as per the release.

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