US Lawmakers Applaud Biden For Temporary Patent Waiver On Covid Vaccines


US lawmakers have applauded President Biden for the temporary waiver of some TRIPS. TRIPS refers to Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights. He has done so to boost the production and distribution of Coronavirus vaccines.

US Lawmakers Applaud Biden For Temporary Patent Waiver On Covid Vaccines
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Lawmakers Applaud Biden for his Decision 


The lawmakers have applauded Biden on his new decision. Congressman James Clyburn said that this announcement will prove very helpful to the vulnerable populations of other countries. Besides that, it will also protect Americans from the risk of different variants that threaten to destabilize the recent success in administering vaccinations and reducing infections.

Appraisals in Biden Administration’s Favor 

The Chairman of the Select Subcommittee praised the Biden-Harris administration on their announcement. He supports the temporary waiver of certain intellectual property rules that boost the delivery of COVID-19 vaccines to needy countries. COVID-19 is a global crisis. And global support is the only way to get rid of it. Several countries around the world have been devastated due to the virus. In order to curb the virus in the US, it is important to eradicate it from the world.


US Lawmakers Applaud Biden For Temporary Patent Waiver On Covid Vaccines
Source: AP News

Unless the virus is completely gone, no country is safe. Clyburn also said that vaccines need to be delivered safely and effectively to other countries. It is crucial to save lives and bring this pandemic to an end. Congressman Frank Pallone also welcomed Biden and his announcement. He said that the US must do everything to help people access vaccines worldwide. Indian ambassador Taranjit Singh Sandhu also supported the cause. He had a virtual meeting with Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal to discuss the Biden administration’s new move.

Disapprovals and Backlash

A lot of people did not support the announcement too. They have slammed Biden for taking this decision. In one of its editorials, The Wall Street Journal did the same. The editorial said, “Who will invest in future therapies when the White House helps other governments steal?” Additionally, it said that the waiver will break patents and legal protectors for the vaccine manufacturers. The investors won’t fund new drugs when their own government is ready to deceive them. The US has supplied vaccines and other essentials to various countries so far. However, the waiver is backed by 100 other low-income countries, progressive groups, and 100 Democratic Congress members.

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