US Defends Curbs on Vaccine Raw Material Exports, Angela Markel Targets Indian Pharma


India appealed to the US to curb restrictions imposed on the export of critical raw materials. However, the response from the US department and the German leader caused dismay to the officials in New Delhi. India is trying to uplift the ban since February 2021. But no positive response is coming from US officials.

US Defends Curbs on Vaccine Raw Material Exports
Source: Reuters

US Restricts Supply of Raw Materials 


The US has defended curbs on the export of raw materials required to make Covid Vaccines in India. Serum Institute in India is the largest producer of COVID-19 vaccines all over the world. German Chancellor, Angela Merkel was critical of the slowdown of vaccine exports from India. India is recording more than 3 lakh cases every day. The situation is going out of control in India. Not only infections, but India’s fatality rate is also rising recklessly. There is a shortage of oxygen supply. Beds are also not available in the hospitals.

The US is the First Priority

US President Joe Biden defended curbs in order to boost domestic vaccine production. He has made this very clear that America will not compromise its vaccine production. The President’s motive is to vaccinate the US citizens first. Joe Biden appealed the Defense Production Act on February 5 to restrict raw material export. S Jaishankar, External Affairs minister raised the issue with Secretary of State, Antony Blinken. They had a conversation on April 19. Besides this, the matter has also been picked in Washington by Indian representative, Taranjit Singh Sandhu. The US President has very strictly announced that his citizens are his priority.


US Defends Curbs on Vaccine Raw Material Exports
Source: DNA India

The matter is concerning for Indian officials. Moreover, a lack of raw materials would slow down vaccine production. The US is currently engaged in an ambitious, effective, and successful effort to vaccinate its citizens. According to Biden, the US is the worst-hit COVID-19 country. It ranks on number 1 with the world’s maximum number of COVID-19 cases. More than 550,000 people are dead so far. And ten million have contracted the infection so far. He also said that he will give his every possible support to the whole world. But currently, America is his priority.

Germany Terrified too

German Chancellor, Angela Markel is concerned over this ongoing issue between the US and India. India is supplying Serum Institute-made vaccines to Germany. Markel is highly susceptible to the fact that vaccine export from India to Germany will slow down. She is extremely worried about whether Germany will receive the pharmaceutical products or not. India is in a situation where risks can’t be afforded. The cases are at a surge and the vaccine production will also slow down. It is a worrisome fact not only for Indians but for people all over the world.


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