US Capitol Riot Benefits Social Media ad revenue


The US Capitol Hill violence perpetrated by a pro-Donald Trump mob will give a boost to social media companies’ advertising business as user engagement shot up after the incident, experts have said.

Douglas, the founder, and CEO of ad tech firm Steelhouse said that even if some brands decide to pause advertising on social media because of brand safety concerns, the revenue increase would offset that.

“This may be a challenging time for social media censorship, but it’s a rocket ship for their ad business,” he added.

“Political turmoil drives increased engagement on social media, and right or wrong, that generates more revenue for Facebook and Twitter,” advertising media expert Mark Douglas told CNBC.


Jim Anderson, a social media expert and the CEO of SocialFlow, an optimization platform that publishes content to the major social media channels, said the near-unanimity of action was “striking”.

President Donald Trump removed from social media:

“The day social media companies decided there is more they could do to police Trump’s behavior was also the same day that President Trump’s supporters stormed and occupied the US Capitol,” Anderson said.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted that both social media sites have banned Trump’s account from posting for at least the remainder of his term in office and potentially “indefinitely.”

On Wednesday, Facebook employees called for Trump’s removal from the platform on an internal message board.

Back in June hundreds of Facebook employees staged a “virtual walkout” in protest of the company’s policies regarding posts by the President.


Trump addressed the mob and urged them to march on the Capitol and later, released a video on social media in which he repeated false claims of election fraud—even telling the mob “we love you.”

YouTube removed the video in line with its policy barring claims challenging election results.

Amazon-owned gamer-centric platform Twitch disabled new video streams on a Trump account, while video-sharing sensation TikTok barred clips of Trump inciting supporters at the rally.

Twitter also placed a lock on Trump’s account for 12 hours Wednesday. A spokesperson said the social media giant is still evaluating further action.

Anderson explained that the media plays a major role in magnifying the president’s Twitter account.

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