UP Barabanki rape case: Another Animalistic Brutality Rape Case


UP Barabanki rape case is yet another shameful and unbelievable case. The state in which the Hathras rape case has been in the news has yet again given way to repeat the history. The Hathras rape case is still at the forefront.  But, people never learn. It is high time that such brutality is countered with the same brutality. We know what the police and government are capable of. Then, why does the Indian government fail to bring about some firm rules? Why can’t it pass any law overnight to punish the culprits?

UP Barabanki rape case
Women holding up the truth so that seemingly blind can see.

POCSO Act included in the FIR: UP Barabanki rape case


The father of the victim found the body of an 18-year-old teenager in a field. The paddy field in Satrikh area in Barabanki district of Uttar Pradesh was the location. On Wednesday, October 14, 2020, the police attested to this and arrested one person. The accused is a teenager Dinesh Gautam. The police arrested him as the culprit of the case. The victim and the accused are the residents of the same gram sabha. The police further said that the accused has confessed his crime of UP Barabaki rape case

According to her father, the girl went out to cut crops but never came back, so when the father went out to search for her, he found the body tied in the field. He also further claimed that someone choked his daughter and killed her by obstructing the air passage. Another family member said that the daughter was naked with her hands and feet tied. The most astonishing case is that the victim is a Dalit girl.


UP Barabanki rape case
A man holds a placard during a protest after the death of a rape victim

The family wants the “real” culprits

Superintendent RS Gautam said, “The body has been sent for autopsy. At first glance, it appears to be a case of murder.” The victim’s father has been actively demanding justice from the officials. He actively says, “Money or compensation can’t bring my daughter back to life. I have no enmity or property dispute in the village.” SP Arvind Chaturvedi stated that his team has been deployed to solve the UP Barabanki rape case and find the accused party/ies.

The rape cases in India have risen flashingly in the past few years. A report in 2019 says that 87 rape cases come in front daily in India. This is a 7 percent rise in crimes against women, from the year 2018. This not only makes us feel ashamed of associating with rapists but also makes us question every little advancement there’s going on. After all, it is no country as long as the citizens don’t feel safe in it. Besides, the day when women feel completely safe that they can come from late-night shifts without any guardian with them or the pepper sprays is very far away. But, we hope that the government realizes the graveness of the issue and looks into it actively.


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