Unsolved Mysteries season 15 Release Updates And Details


Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2 is currently gushing on Netflix. In Episode 3, “Death Row Fugitive,” we learn of how indicted killer Lester Eubanks had the option to escape from the authority in 1973. next to being permitted to go on a vacation to go Christmas shopping. He has never been re-caught.

Later to watching the genuine crime show. It leaves the viewers contemplating whether Eubanks, who might now be 78, is yet alive and concealing someplace. Specialists, accept the outlaw is yet alive. And uncovered what they had gotten various tips after the case showed up on Unsolved Mysteries.


Brian Fitzgibbon of the U.S. Marshal Service gave a report looking into it. He stated: “He’s alive… we’re drawing nearer.”He later included: “There’s nothing placing him in a spot. We’re searching for any data to his life on the run or the historical backdrop of his life on the run.”


Eubanks is highlighted on the U.S. Marshals 15 Most Wanted rundown, which he was included to the 45th commemoration of his getaway on December 7, 2018. On their website page, the outlaw is recorded as 5′ 11″ tall and weighing 175 lbs. The last known photographs of him are from his mugshot in 1973. yet the Marshals have delivered matured drawings that give a thought of what the septuagenarian could resemble in 2020.

‘Unsolved Mysteries’ subject Lester Eubanks is one of the U.S. Marshals’ 15 generally needed

Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2 notes that he has a huge scar on his upper right arm that may help distinguish him. While a Rolling Stone article takes note of that Eubanks cherished craftsmanship, music and hand to hand fighting—premiums that he may have kept up sequestered from everything.


In 2019, as indicated by the Have, You Seen This Man digital broadcast. Specialists were given DNA from Eubanks’ child and were wanting to use this to attempt to discover Eubanks and match him to various unsolved violations.

Around then, nonetheless, Northern Ohio U.S. Marshall stated, “we will do everything inside our lawful way to reveal the personality that Lester Eubanks is using.”

Next to getting away during the 1970s, Eubanks is accepted to have moved to Michigan and afterwards Los Angeles under the name Victor Young. An anecdote about him broadcasted on America’s Most Wanted in 1994, which prompted 200 call-ins and incalculable tips. By then, Eubanks was accepted to be working in a sleeping pad factor in Gardena, California. However, specialists couldn’t catch him.

 Unsolved Mysteries: the journey so far

Resigned LAPD investigator Tim Conner said of Eubanks to Rolling Stone in January 2019: “He’s extremely sly; he’s not an imbecilic person. He’s been maintaining a strategic distance from the experts for forty or more years. I don’t think he ever took an occupation where he should have been fingerprinted or captured. I don’t he ever took work that could possibly do any record verification. He was a person who didn’t lay his head in any one spot for exceptionally long.”Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2 is streaming now on Netflix.


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