United Nations Calls for Schools to Reopen, says “This Can’t Go on”


The United Nations made a very clear statement on Tuesday regarding the reopening of schools and educational institutions. It insisted that schools must reopen as soon as possible, and this can’t go on forever.

This Can’t Go On: The United Nations

In a statement on Tuesday, the United Nations has urged to reopen schools, colleges, and other educational institutions to reopen as soon as possible. Moreover, it cited that the education of approx. 600 million children are at stake. Besides that, it clearly said that this can’t go on forever. Schools and colleges will have to reopen now. James Elder, the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) spokesperson said in Geneva that “this can’t go on”.


United Nations Calls for Schools to Reopen, says “This Can’t Go on”
Source: Nature

Reopening Bars Over Schools is a Huge Mistake

James cited several factors regarding the reopening of the schools and colleges. He said that he completely understands the government’s difficulties; in order to tackle the COVID-19 situation. But the United Nations spokesperson said that schools were supposed to close at last and reopen at first. Moreover, governments across the world; should consider reopening them as soon as possible. Besides that, he said that reopening bars and pubs over schools is a terrible choice.

African Children Education is Hampered Mainly During the Pandemic


Children in the northern hemisphere are currently on their summer holidays. On the other hand, 40 percent of the school-age children in eastern and southern Africa; are out of school. The United Nations spokesperson also said that governments; shouldn’t rely on teachers’ and students’ vaccinations in order to reopen the schools. However, in Africa, schools are shut amid rising COVID-19 cases in the continent. Approximately, 32 million children are out of school and lacking education; due to pandemic-related closures. Even before the pandemic arrived; 37 million African children were out of school.

United Nations Calls for Schools to Reopen, says “This Can’t Go on”
Source: Council on Foreign Relations

One-Third of the World’s Population Cannot Access Remote Learning: United Nations

Schools in Africa and Asia are now closed for over 200 days; due to the global pandemic. The United Nations spokesperson also said that in South America and the surrounding regions; there are 18 countries in which schools were partially closed. It’s high time the governments should consider reopening of schools. Moreover, he highlighted the fact teenage pregnancy has replaced education; safety, and food around the world. Besides that, he also said that remote learning is not possible; for the one-third population of the world. Henceforth, it is very important to reopen schools and educational institutions; across the world.

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