Twitter Blocks Accounts With Misleading Content Regarding The Attack At The US Capitol.


Lately, the famous social media, Twitter, known as the leader’s commentary media, blocks over 70,000 accounts. Moreover, the impromptu act is regarding the egregious attack at the US capitol, recently. It seems the trouble is yet to be solved. Subsequently, following numerous officials’ resignations, the 25th amendment on Trump, and now Twitter’s turn.

On Tuesday, Twitter says that the blocked accounts have the potential to lead to offline harm. On the other hand, while blocking, the head of Twitter notices that a single person is handling more than two accounts at hand. Thereby this led to the sum of over 70,000 accounts to be blocked.

What urges Twitter to block over 70,000 accounts?

One of the officials from Twitter claims; “These accounts were engaged in sharing harmful QAnon-associated content at scale and were primarily dedicated to the propagation of this conspiracy theory across the service”. Consequently, to stop the spurious content; Twitter decided to go for this decision.


Twitter blocks fallacious content

Earlier, the removal of QAnon accounts began on Friday. As of now, over 70,000 accounts have been blocked. Furthermore, the officials claim that it would be in favor of people and country. As leaving this would lead to more and more violence.

Having said that, last week Twitter has suspended Donald Trump’s account too. Having said that, ultimately Twitter’s stock faced a downfall of 64 percent on Friday. Meanwhile, Twitter affirms that certain blocked accounts will be losing followers; leading to the loss of 1000 followers.

What are QAnon Accounts?

Well, highlighting the contemporary content here; QAnon conspiracy theory focuses on the baseless belief about Donald Trump. Including, his secret campaign against deep state enemies and a child sex trafficking ring operated by Satanic pedophiles, cannibals, and so on. As a matter of fact, only illiterate people do these.


In July 2020, Twitter started its program to track down accounted connected with QAnon content; and thereby blocks 70,000 accounts.

What are the other steps taken by Twitter due to the attack at the US Capitol?

Twitter blocks Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, Twitter assures to remove toxic content from today onwards. Includes hindering the comment, liking, and retweeting option too. To provide peace Twitter willing to prohibit misleading content related to the attack at US Capitol. 

As we all know, social media is the first platform, where every kind of information is shared, regardless of misconception. Moreover, Twitter had been replete with slashes after the attack at the US Capitol. Surprisingly, a few people had explicitly planned for the attack on social media .


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