Turkey President Lashes Out at Joe Biden, Says he has “Bloody Hands”


The Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has put serious allegations on US President Joe Biden. He has allegedly called him “bloody hands”. This was one of Erdogan’s strongest attacks on Biden since his arrival in the White House.

Erdogan Calls Joe Biden “Bloody Hands” 


President Joe Biden is constantly supporting Israel in the raging conflict with Palestine. This enraged Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan. In a nationally televised address, he directly called Biden “bloody hands”. Erdogan had spent the past few months trying to mend relations with Washington. He also tried to reach out to other western allies. But he is now extremely furious at President Biden for his support of Israel. Moreover, he stated that Biden is writing history with his bloody hands. Erdogan exclaimed that he can’t keep quiet anymore. He is forced to put allegations on the US President.

Turkey President Lashes Out at Joe Biden, Says he has "Bloody Hands"
Source: Deccan Herald

Turkish President’s Support to Palestine and other Middle East Countries 


Erdogan has championed the Palestinian cause in his 18-year tenure. Due to this, he has received constant support from the middle east countries. Henceforth, it is obvious that he will support Palestine this time as well. Erdogan accused Israel last week of spreading terrorism. He also vowed to rally the world to Gaza’s defense. And now, he lashed out on President Joe Biden too. He said that he saw Biden’s signature on weapons sales to Israel. President Biden had approved arms and ammunition shipment to Israel recently. Erdogan is extremely unhappy with this Biden’s decision.

Joe Biden Blamed for Supporting Israel 

The conflict between Israel and Palestine at the Gaza strip is getting intense. Erdogan said that Palestinian territories are overflowing with prosecution, suffering, and blood. Both the countries are attacking each other through airstrikes, bombardments, etc. Several people from both sides have lost their lives so far. Erdogan accused Joe Biden of supporting the Israelis. According to Erdogan, Biden shouldn’t have done that.

Turkey President Lashes Out at Joe Biden, Says he has "Bloody Hands"
Source: Global Village Space

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