Top US Scientist: Covid Vaccine Rollout By India “Rescued The World”


According to a top American researcher, the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines by India in partnership with leading international organizations has “saved the planet” from the deadly coronavirus, and the country’s contributions should not be overlooked.

With its extensive experience and deep expertise in medicine, India is being called “the pharmacy of the world” during the COVID-19 disease outbreak. The nation is one of the largest drug producers in the world, and a growing number of countries have contacted it for coronavirus vaccinations.


During a recent webinar, Dr. Peter Hotez, Dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine (BCM) in Houston, said that while the two mRNA vaccines might not have an effect on the world’s lower- and medium countries, India’s vaccines, established in partnership with universities around the world like BCM and Oxford University, have “rescued the world,” and its contributions must be recognized.

“This is something very special and I see it myself because I’m on weekly teleconferences with our colleagues in India, you make a recommendation, and within days it’s done and not only done, but it’s done well and with incredible rigor and thought and creativity. India’s huge efforts in combating global pandemic is a story that’s not really getting out in the world.” Dr. Hotez said.

Both of the vaccines are likely to need a booster for two reasons: the vaccines’ longevity of safety is unclear, and to generate an additional immune reaction that is better suited to the South African version.

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Aseem Mahajan, Consul General of India in Houston, and a distinguished panel of doctors took part in this webinar, which examined the prospects for a return to some semblance of normalcy as a result of the increased roll-out of vaccinations across the world.

COVID-19 vaccine rollout by India has 'rescued the world' from pandemic: top  US scientist | World News – India TV
India TV

“There has also been a boost in the collaborative medical partnerships emerging between the US and India during this pandemic. In addition, it is one of the fourth largest destinations in Asia for medical devices manufacturing and many US companies have expressed interest in collaborating on this front,” Mr. Mahajan said.

IACCGH Founding Secretary/Executive Director Jagdip Ahluwalia stated that “India’s response to the COVID crisis, as acknowledged by Dr. Hotez, falls in line with Chamber’s vision. Since its inception, 21 years ago, India would be a future global player in key areas like technology, medicine, manufacturing, and international trade. This belief has been proved time and again particularly in the last decade.”

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