Top 10 Apps to Use as an Alternative to WhatsApp


WhatsApp recently updated its privacy policy to clarify how it handles your data within Facebook’s family of apps and products. The policy makes it clear that the company collects a ton of telemetry data from your device.

The new privacy policy has certainly caused a lot more people to consider alternative apps to WhatsApp.

There are many options available on the internet. So, we bring for you, the top 10 WhatsApp alternatives.

1. Signal Private Messenger

Signal Foundation, the organization that powers the end-to-end encryption technology in WhatsApp Messenger and Facebook Messenger, offers its very own messaging app dubbed Signal Private Messenger. It offers self-destructing messages, screen security (prevents anyone from taking screenshots), and more.

2. Hangouts 


This messaging app is from Google and it’s also a cross-platform app. You know when any product is from Google, it’s fully trustable. The UI is very simple and easy to use. Hangouts are very good for instant messaging.

3. Telegram Messenger

Telegram Messenger has been known as the best WhatsApp competitor for a while now and nothing’s changed. Apart from messaging, Telegram rings other features like supergroups of up to 100,000 people, public channels, usernames, ability to share files of up to 1.5 GB, passcode lock, self-destructing messages, and end-to-end encryption in secret chat among other things.


Discord is no longer just a platform for chatting with your fellow gamers. You can use Discord’s personal messages feature to send messages, emojis, emotes (if you have Discord Nitro), GIFs, images, and even documents. Furthermore, you can make voice calls, video calls, or even browse together after sharing your screen.

Combined with neat integrations from Spotify, Twitch, YouTube,, Steam, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Xbox Live, and GitHub, Discord has got you covered for all your messaging needs and is arguably better than WhatsApp.

5. Snapchat

Snapchat technically is not just a messaging app rather a social media app, it can be used as a messaging application thanks to some unique features that no other messaging application can offer. For example, you can send messages which can self-destruct after a set period of time.

It also notifies me when someone takes a screenshot of my chats with them. Finally, it offers the best face mask collection of all the apps that I have ever used which makes this app fun to use.

6. Kik


Kik is a product of Kik Interactive, a Canadian company. This app is available for both iOS and Android for free. Here you can add people by username, no phone numbers are required. You can share images, videos, stickers, and GIFs and also can join groups.

7. Viber

Viber is another popular messaging and VoIP app that really stands toe-to-toe with WhatsApp when it comes to features. The app offers end-to-end encryption in calls, messages, and shared media.

Moreover, the messages saved on multiple devices are also encrypted, which brings us to the fact that the messaging apps packs in multi-device support, which WhatsApp lacks.

8. IMO

IMO contains hundreds of free stickers, very fast video and photo sharing, and many more features. The files are stored on the Cloud, so more free space available on your device. IMO supports group video call with up to 20 members.

9. Hike Messenger

You can invite your friends to play games or you can hang out on a voice call. Keep your private chats hidden from others. Fingerprint and face unlock for chats are available. The Hike is popular for its huge sticker collection.

10. Keybase 

Keybase is an open-source secure chat application that is great for users who want to communicate securely. The data is end-to-end encrypted so at no point in time, the message is exposed to nefarious actors. Another feature of Keybase is that you don’t need anyone’s number or email ID to connect with them. This allows you to remain in contact with users with whom you don’t want to share your personal information.


Harshit Bhasin
I’m a student currently doing B.A(hons) English from Dyal Singh College, Delhi University. I like to read and write and apart from it, I like watching movies, series, animated series (Animes) and playing games. I’m also a sportsperson and I like to perform outside activities regularly.

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