Tokyo Is At Emergency State; Claims Japan PM Yoshihide Suga


Due to the drastic rise in coronavirus cases, the Japanese Prime Minister urges a state of emergency for Tokyo. On Monday, Tokyo and the nearby spots are on the list with the dismay of rapid-fire cases. On the other hand, the event draws attention to occur during the summer Olympics and the Country’s emerging economies in a concerned position. Regarding the state of emergency, sources claim that the preparations are set. This will be effective from Friday onwards and continues for over a month.

Comaparabliy, Tokyo stands first on the highest coronavirus account of Japan, followed by Osaka. In Tokyo, there are currently over sixty-three confirmed cases, with over 600 late cases. Furthermore, coming to the country’s count, Japan holds over 250 thousand active cases. And thereby stands at the forty-second place among the other countries with the maximum coronavirus count.

Japan Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga

What is Prime Minister’s thesis on the sudden decision?


In the meantime, Tokyo and the other three spots requested regarding the state of emergency. So the curfew would be persuading residents to refrain from non-essential, non-urgent outings after 8 pm. As I said, it will be effective from Friday onwards. Including the restriction of eateries during the curfew time. Meanwhile, economy minister Yasutoshi Nishimura, who is in charge of the coronavirus count, promises to take a decision shortly.

Besides, the cases went bad on December 30th, 2020, following Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga’s austere commands. “Even during the three days of the New Year’s holidays, cases dint go down in the greater areas of Tokyo”. He continues by saying that “We felt that a stronger message was needed”.

What is people’s dismay here?

In the previous months, the same state of emergency was placed for more than a month in Japan. The shutdown of schools and non-essential businesses are part of it.


Having said about the sudden state of emergency, many people showed dismal appraisals. As it was the same day, the Olympics news was announced. Earlier this morning, the Olympics subject made headlines, stating that only 200 days left for the big event. But in the noon, a stringent state of emergency was imposed.

What will happen to the Olympics 2021 and Japan’s Economy status?

However, the Prime Minister assures that the Event will happen soon, only after the vaccination program. Consequently, this coronavirus vaccination program will start by the edge of February 2021.

Coronavirus virus cases rise in Tokyo

Jumping to economic growth, PM says that the government will be considering a maximum compensation raise for businesses, with shorter hours. Apropos to the decision, an economist says that a one-month respite of non-urgent concern would sever businesses in Tokyo a lot.




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