Titan TraQ Range Smartwatches Launched in India


Under its new fitness gear product line, TraQ, Titan has introduced three new smartwatches in India. Titan TraQ Lite, Titan TraQ Cardio, and Titan TraQ Triathlon contain the lineup. They boast features such as built-in GPS,  bright color options, monitoring of heart rate, and more. 

TraQ is targeted at Indian consumers, particularly sports enthusiasts, and, as per the company, was conceptualized in-house at the Bangalore design studio. Smartwatches will track activities such as running, cycling, swimming, and more for health and exercise. In addition to e-commerce systems like Amazon and Tata Cliq, all wearable devices can be bought through the official Titan online store.

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Titan TraQ Lite: Specifications And Price


Titan TraQ Lite range is activity-tracking smartwatches from the company at the entry stage. They are sold in India at Rs. 3,999 and is provided in color variants of green, orange, red, and yellow.

The smartwatch comes with a chest strap that helps users throughout workout-based learning to monitor heart rates. To refer to users, Titan TraQ Lite will record up to 25 workout sessions.

The price of the Titan TraQ Cardio in India is Rs. 16,999. It is provided in color variations of green, yellow, and orange.


TraQ Triathlon is priced in India at Rs. 17,999 and is provided in color choices of Blue, Green, and Red.

On-board GPS is provided by Titan TraQ Cardio and Titan TraQ Triathlon, using MediaTek technology. The GPS will operate separately from the smartwatch and therefore does not require the use of a smartphone. The smartwatches also have heart-rate tracking capabilities. As per the brand, Titan TraQ Cardio and Titan TraQ Triathlon arrive with up to 5ATM waterproofing and are also mud as well as impact-resistant.

Both smartwatches pack a 290mAh battery that could last in regular mode for up to 7 days. You can attach Titan TraQ Cardio or Titan TraQ Triathlon to any ANT-enabled system to measure metrics such as cycling strength, cycling tempo, heart rate, and stride-based steps, as per the brand. The wearable devices have a transflective display that promises even in bright environments clean viewing.

Daily smartwatch features like message alerts, weather notifications, alarm stopwatch, music control and more are provided by Titan TraQ Cardio and Titan TraQ Triathlon. In order to discover more features, the TraQ software can also be accessed through downloading.

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