Tips By Nikhil and Ahmad on aceing a career in Digital Marketing


The internet is providing opportunities to millions of individuals each year and there is still enough available for both businesses and freelancers willing to cap the benefits.

Digital marketing services requires workforce from SEO specialists, to social media managers, content writers, graphic designers etc. depending upon the project to be done, and the best part? One doesn’t need a degree even if you want to be professional at it, you need to show your work to people and how you’ve made a difference to someone.


Therefore, to understand how one can ace their career in all the related fields of digital marketing, we have the masters of all these trades Mr Nikhil Darji and Mr Tariq Ahmad, the founders of one of the most profitable digital marketing businesses called NotchWeb to breakdown what it actually takes to leverage your career as a Digital marketer, even when you are starting out.

First things first, Mr Tariq Ahmad explains that a career in Internet technologies requires an inclination to take responsibility and constantly being updated with technology. Since, digital marketing is also evolving, one needs to always be a learner who can quickly adapt to changes which makes a huge difference. People are generally hesitant in coping with changes and that is where one can take the lead.


“I believe that as Digital marketers we have to be equipped to learn each day, the internet has unravelled horizons which are being discovered slowly, that is why I believe, that the learning and earning both can never stop online”. Mr Tariq adds.

“Adding to the lines of Tariq Bhai, I believe that because internet and digital marketing in general, is very vast and has alot to learn from, one should start small, narrow down, find a niche or service of your choice and then work, acquire as much experience and then when you feel you are earning praises, scale your services to make a brand of your own, there is nothing more satisfactory than leveraging your skills to build a fortune that multiplies while you sleep each day”, says Mr Nikhil Darji.

Both these men are today owners of an increasingly profitable business which will expand phenomenally, taking in consideration, the number of people/companies who are looking for these services, this shows that if one is able to forsee the opportunities in a field and bank on them, then there is no limit to growth.


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