The World Health Organization Records a Decline in Worldwide COVID-19 Cases: Reports


The World Health Organization recorded a worldwide fall of COVID-19 cases last week, indicating a positive sign towards the end of the pandemic. However, the global health body announced on Wednesday that they have observed a steady decline in the number of new infections across the world. The Coronavirus, especially the Delta variant has made lives difficult on earth. Some countries saw an upsurge in their daily cases just when they thought they have defeated the virus.

The World Health Organization Observes a Decline in Global COVID-19 Cases

In a statement on Wednesday, the World Health Organization announced a steady decline in worldwide COVID-19 cases. Several countries across the world have started witnessing a downfall in their daily infections, except for those in Europe.


The World Health Organization Records a Decline in Worldwide COVID-19 Cases: Reports
Source: The Indian Express

According to the WHO’s recent data, there were 3.1 million fresh COVID-19 cases last week, 9 percent less than the previous records. Besides that, only 54,000 worldwide fatalities were recorded last week across the world. Although the fatalities were more or less the same as last week, there is a steady decline in the daily infections.

Declining Rates

The World Health Organization also stated that all regions across the world are seeing a downfall in their daily cases; except for countries in Europe. According to the data, the biggest decline in infections was recorded in the African region. On the other hand, the number of COVID-19 cases this week in Europe was roughly the same as the previous week. However, Africa has witnessed a 43 percent downfall in their daily infections within the past few weeks. Besides that, countries in the Middle East and Southeast Asia have also witnessed a 20 percent decline in their COVID-19 infections. The United States has also seen a 12 percent decline in their daily cases.

The COVID-19 Delta Variant 


Although the situation has somewhat improved in several parts of the world; there are countries that are still battling with deadly waves of the pandemic. The COVID-19 cases in most of the regions witnessed an upsurge at the beginning of 2021. Meanwhile, the COVID-19 Delta variant was dominant in all parts of the world.

The World Health Organization Records a Decline in Worldwide COVID-19 Cases: Reports
Source: CIDRAP

So far, the Delta variant is the most contagious Covid variant. India too witnessed a deadly second wave in mid-April, with about 4,00,000 new cases a day. However, the situation is improving now. The World Health Organization has asked the countries to focus on vaccinations. Moreover, countries should not show leniency even though they are witnessing a downfall in their daily infections.

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