The WHO Pleads the Rich Countries to Donate COVID-19 Vaccines for Poor Countries: Reports


The WHO has very humbly pleaded with the rich nations to provide COVID-19 vaccines for poor countries. Rich and wealthy countries are ramping up their vaccination drives. But the poor countries are still lacking this privilege. The world can become Covid-free only if the entire globe is vaccinated against the virus. However, the global health body expressed its concern about providing vaccines to poor countries.


WHO Pleads the Rich Countries to Donate COVID-19 Vaccines for Poor Countries: Reports
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Donate COVID-19 Vaccines to Poor Countries: the WHO Pleads Rich Countries

The WHO chief, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus listed several poor countries that desperately need the Covid vaccines. He highlighted the fact that rich countries are accelerating their vaccination drive. Moreover, they are vaccinating young people who are not at very high risk. But people who live in poor countries are quite vulnerable to the virus. And unfortunately, they don’t have vaccines to protect themselves. They are not even in a condition to buy the vaccines from the manufacturers. Henceforth, they are completely dependent on vaccine alliances like Covax and Gavi for help.

New Variants are Leading to More Transmission 


Chief Tedros mentioned that the Delta variant is now spreading to more countries. It is very contagious and has a high transmission rate. The cases in Africa jumped nearly 40 percent in the last week. As the new variants are spreading more and more, people are getting vulnerable to them. The WHO chief has pleaded the rich nations to donate more vaccine doses for the poor countries. He said that the world as a global community, is failing, and that is indeed very disheartening. Tedros also compared it to the HIV/AIDS crisis. Moreover, there are some rich countries that are reluctant to share the vaccine doses.

WHO Pleads the Rich Countries to Donate COVID-19 Vaccines for Poor Countries: Reports
Source: Reuters

Several Countries have Come Forward to Donate COVID-19 Vaccines 

Countries like the US and the UK, have donated COVID-19 vaccine doses to poor countries through COVAX. The WHO chief said that the quantity is not enough. Mike Ryan, the global health body’s top expert also expressed his view on the issue. He mentioned that there are countries that have carried out successful vaccination drives for diseases like cholera and polio. Ryan highlighted the fact that these countries are now reluctant to share the doses. He called this behavior highly disagreeable. COVAX hasn’t received a single dose of AstraZeneca, Serum Institute of India, and Johnson & Johnson vaccines this month. The situation is very dire. Rich countries need to share their vaccines with the poor ones, or the world will collapse.

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