The US Extends Land Border Travel Restrictions with Mexico and Canada till August 21


The US Homeland Security Department announced on Wednesday; that that country’s borders with Mexico and Canada; will remain closed till August 21. However, these restrictions are only for non-essential travelers. Essential travel is still allowed between the countries.

Non-Essential Travel Restrictions Extended in the US

The US Homeland Security Department; has extended the non-essential travel restrictions with Canada, and Mexico till August 21. However, essential travel is allowed as usual. The country closed its land borders with Canada and Mexico; when the COVID-19 pandemic started in March 2020. And since then, they have extended the restrictions; on monthly basis. Henceforth, it is extended again; for 30 days till August 21. On the other hand, Canadians can fly into America via air travel.


The US Extends Land Border Travel Restrictions with Mexico and Canada till August 21
Source: Herald and Review

Canada to Allow Only Fully Vaccinated Americans to Enter in the Country from August 9

Recently, the Canadian government announced that only fully vaccinated citizens; will enter their land from August 9. This protocol is especially announced for American citizens. However, the US government hasn’t specified; whether they will only allow fully vaccinated citizens in the country; when the border opens. President Joe Biden is urging the country’s citizens to get vaccinated as soon as possible. Moreover, he said that a low vaccination drive; is hampering the country’s economy.

The US Government to Conduct a High-Level Meeting on Travel Restrictions


According to reports, the US government is planning to hold a high-level meeting very soon. They are receiving constant pressure from businesses in Canada; to ease the travel restrictions between the countries. Moreover, they are urging President Biden; to open the land borders between the two countries. Although, the government hasn’t taken any decision yet. But they are planning to ease the restrictions; as the tourism and airlines industries have suffered a lot; during the pandemic period.

The US Extends Land Border Travel Restrictions with Mexico and Canada till August 21
Source: Politico

Delta Variant Becoming a Major Obstacle

COVID-19 vaccination drive in the US; is moving at a slow pace currently. Earlier people were quite motivated to receive the jabs, but this spirit has slowed down. Recently, the government has witnessed; a sharp decline in vaccination rates. However, a good proportion of the country’s population; is vaccinated so far. As a result, the government eased several restrictions; and opened up businesses. But now they are quite skeptical of the fast-spreading; COVID-19 Delta variant. They are worried that this variant might hamper everything that is achieved so far.

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