The United States to Meet Taliban in Qatar, First In-Person Meeting Since Withdrawal


The United States is about to hold its first personal talks with the Taliban since the withdrawal from Afghanistan. However, the meeting will take place in Doha, Qatar, over the weekend and the main topic of discussion is the evacuation of foreign nationals. The US authorities have clearly mentioned that they are not acknowledging the Islamic organization’s rule in Afghanistan. Besides that, the meeting on Saturday and Sunday does not involve any friendly ties with the militant group.

The United States to Hold In-Person Meeting with The Taliban

For the first time since the withdrawal, the United States is having an in-person meeting with the Taliban on Saturday and Sunday. The meeting will take place in Doha, Qatar, and will emphasize the evacuation of foreign citizens stuck in the war-torn country.


The United States to Meet Taliban in Qatar, First In-Person Meeting Since Withdrawal
Source: DW

Besides that, they will also discuss the situation of Afghans currently residing in Afghanistan. However, the US authorities have stated that they do not acknowledge the Taliban’s rule in the country and the meeting does not propose any friendly relations. A spokesperson from the US said that the Islamic group will earn legitimacy only through its actions.

What will the Authorities Discuss?

Sources reveal that the United States will discuss; the evacuation of American citizens in the meeting with the Taliban. They will ask the Islamic organization to commit that they will let Americans leave Afghanistan. Besides Americans, they will demand evacuation for other foreign nationals as well. Moreover, they will demand the withdrawal of Afghans who once worked for the US military or government during their operations in Afghanistan. Some reports also suggest that American authorities will also raise their voice for the rights of women in the war-torn country.

The Situation of Women in Afghanistan


Women in Afghanistan are not allowed to study or work anymore. The Taliban has barred the female sex from going to schools, universities, and even their workplaces. However, the United States authorities will press the Taliban to respect the rights of all Afghans; including the female sex.

The United States to Meet Taliban in Qatar, First In-Person Meeting Since Withdrawal

Besides that, they will insist to form an inclusive government with women. The lives of women in Afghanistan are extremely miserable. Moreover, women cannot leave their houses alone. They need to have a male member of their house with them. Since the US troops left Afghanistan, the Taliban has become even more powerful. They stated earlier that, women will have equal rights in the war-torn country, but their actions reveal a completely different scenario.

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