The United States Asked The Signatories To Cancel The TPNW, Meanwhile, Japan Also Rejects It


The United States has sent a veiled letter to the signatories. This letter falls under the reconsideration genre. The purpose of the letter, presumably, is to advise them to reconsider and take back the signature. The countries who have signed clearly stand for an anti-nuclear weapon world. However, nations like the United States, who want to become the biggest nuclear power, obviously, condemn this. To react to this, it has sent a reconsideration message to the 50 ratification countries.

On Friday, the United Nations announced to the world that 50 countries have ratified the anti-nuclear weapons treaty. The last country to make the treaty a reality is Honduras. The treaty is loved by so many people, especially the anti-nuclear power activists, their work of years finally paid off. This also speaks a lot about the United Nations as an association for the betterment of the world. However, we cannot say the same for the countries that do not want the treaty to come into reality.


The United States asks the signatories to rescind the TPNW
Pic Source: The Times of Israel

The United States wants the Countries to re-ponder on their decision to sign the treaty

The attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki 75 years earlier was the reason people know the gruesome reality of nuclear weapons. It has the power to wipe out the real existence of humanity from the planet. People working for Peace have been dreaming of this treaty. However, the United States wrote to the signatories. The letter states that the Trump administration believes that there is some error. In other words, it wants the countries to cancel the treaty.


However, will it happen or not is not clear yet because the countries have shown exemplary leadership in saving others and that is applauded all around the world. The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons is facing opposition from the United States, China, Russia, France, and Britain. Even though the leading nations are opposing, the United Nations is happy to move forward with the treaty which will come into action next year. UN Secretary-General knows the opposition is strong but added, “We will be entirely safe concerning nuclear weapons the day where nuclear weapons no longer exist.”

Japan rejects the TPNW
Chief Cabinet Secretary Katsunobu Kato

Japan also rejects the treaty

Chief Cabinet Secretary Katsunobu Kato said that the treaty is not the correct way to achieve a nuclear-weapon-free world. He spoke, “Japan’s approach is different than that of the treaty.” Further saying, he stated that Japan will not sign on the treaty and rejects its coming into force next year. He stated that talking realistically, nuclear disarmament is not practical. To protect one country, these weapons are a practical shield. Even though the only country to ever experience nuclear weapons attack is against it, people who actually suffered from it are happy. An atomic bomb survivor stated that he vouches for TPNW.


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