The United Nations Bans Nuclear Weapons And Deemed Them Inoperative


The United Nations banned nuclear weapons and stopped them to come into force ever again. The treaty which the UN signed is such an effective way to render peace into the world. The world is at such a place where the people in power are trying to go to war with everyone else. The treaty will ensure that the countries do not use nuclear weapons against each other. The 50 countries have signed to bring the anti-nuclear weapons treaty into action. Furthermore, the ratification involved a big no to nuclear devices forever. This is what the UN stands for and what it should continue to do even in the future in different areas. The world needs some effective decisions to be taken so that people don’t doe from others’ hatred so that children don’t die in poverty and so that people don’t feel obligated to explain themselves to fit in.

The United Nations signed anti-nuclear weapons treaty
UN Secretary-General

The United Nations announced the 50 countries’ ratifications


Fifty countries have signed the treaty to ban the deadly weapons. The treaty stands for:

Never Develop, test, produce, manufacture, otherwise acquire, possess, or stockpile nuclear weapons or other nuclear explosive devices.

This historic moment is such a landmark in United Nations’ history. This shows that some leaders still care about others if not all. The historic treaty will come into action within 90 days. The last country to sign the treaty and automatically developed a halo on it is Honduras. The anti-nuclear activists have been tirelessly working to make this day become a reality and it’s finally happened. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres applauded all the member counties who ratified the treaty. They have shown an exemplary display of the “instrumental work of civil society”. The treaty will officially come into action from January 22, 2021. The main aim of the treaty is to “draw the attention to the catastrophic humanitarian consequences of any use of nuclear weapons.”


The United Nations signed anti-nuclear weapons treaty
A Swedish crowd of anti-nuclear weapons activists

What does this treaty have in hold for our future?

The treaty, according to the spokesperson, Stephanie Dujarric, represents a meaningful commitment towards the elimination of nuclear weapons. These weapons aim to harm the mere existence of humans on Earth. The main priority of the United Nations for quite a long while was disarmament. This step is one step closer to an amicable world. The gruesome attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki have not been forgotten and will never be forgotten. The weapons’ existence has always posed a threat to all. Now, this treaty is a cornerstone of that area.

Beatrice Fihn, executive director of ICAN said, “This treaty is the United Nations at its best working closely with civil society to bring democracy to disarmament.”


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