The United Kingdom Planning to Relax Visa Rules as the Shortage of Truck Drivers Tend to Rise


The United Kingdom is currently facing an acute shortage of truck drivers. Considering this situation, the country is planning to revise and relax its visa rules in order to attract foreign employees.

The United Kingdom is Facing Acute Shortage of Truck Drivers

Amid the rising shortage of truck drivers in the country, the United Kingdom is planning to revise its visa rules. This acute shortage has led to fuel rationing at several gas stations. Besides that, people are waiting in long queues to fill up with several pumps running dry at some places. Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s office has stated that relaxing visa rules is one of the temporary measures to solve this issue. However, this might help in dealing with the problem of shortage of heavy goods vehicle drivers in the country.


The United Kingdom Planning to Relax Visa Rules as the Shortage of Truck Drivers Tend to Rise
Source: Reuters

The Government will Come Up with a Temporary Solution

In a newspaper article, the government of the United Kingdom cited that they will allow over 5,000 foreign drivers on a short-term visa basis. However, logistics and retailer companies in the country were demanding this measure over a long period of time. But the government was not paying any heed to them. Now that the problems are getting serious, the government has come up with this measure to solve the acute shortage of truck drivers in the country. The UK’s Road Haulage Association (RHA) has stated that the country needs at least 100,000 to meet the present demands.

What is the Reason Behind the Shortage?


The main reason behind the acute shortage of drivers in the United Kingdom is the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the pandemic, the driver training and testing were put on hold for over a year. Besides that, Brexit has also impacted the driving industry. A spokesperson from Johnson’s office stated that they are looking for measures to solve this problem. However, they have clearly mentioned that whatever steps they will take will have a time limit. These are just temporary solutions. Besides this, the PM’s office has not given any other statement.

The United Kingdom Planning to Relax Visa Rules as the Shortage of Truck Drivers Tend to Rise
Source: Daily 2 Daily News

How is the Public Reacting to the Issue in the United Kingdom?

There are long queues outside gas filling stations and even some forecourts closed up as they were out of suppliers. EG Group, which runs about 341 forecourts in the United Kingdom said that it will impose a purchase limit of 30 pounds for fuel per customer due to unprecedented customer demand. The queues are so long that they literally block the roads, not even leaving some space for emergency vehicles. However, the public needs to understand that country is going through an actual crisis. The government is trying to solve the issue as soon as it possibly can.


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