The UK Government Launches 15 New Programs to Study Long Covid


The UK government on Sunday announced a 20 million pounds program to study what is called “long Covid”. Moreover, the authorities have launched 15 new research programs for this study. In general, “long Covid” is a condition in which certain people continue to experience the virus’s symptoms longer than usual.

15 New Research Programs Launched for Long Covid

The UK government launched 15 new research programs on Sunday worth 20 million pounds (27.5 million US dollars) to study “long Covid”. Usually, people who have this condition experience symptoms such as fatigue and neurological illnesses for a longer period. However, the study programs will provide a lot of benefits to those people who have this condition. Besides that, they will get to know more about this disorder. Moreover, this study will also help find out better treatments and diagnoses for the patients.


The UK Government Launches 15 New Programs to Study Long Covid
Source: Financial Times

The UK Government Asked Experts Across the Country to Join the Program   

Researchers across the United Kingdom will participate in these 15 new research programs. The UK government has allowed experts across the country to analyze the “long Covid” patients and give their opinions on the phenomenon. Moreover, the program will focus on various aspects. Researchers will put extra effort into understanding the situation better and find out treatments for it. Besides that, they will also ensure better integration of experts, hospitals, and better services for “long Covid” patients.

Some People Tend to Face Post-Covid Symptoms for a Longer Period


A report from the UK government and department of health released last month stated that some people can face post-Covid symptoms months after recovering from the virus. However, a lot of people do not face these symptoms and recover very quickly. The new study aims at coming up with better solutions for long Covid patients and help them in leading normal lives.

The UK Government Launches 15 New Programs to Study Long Covid
Source: iCope

The UK Government Concerned About the COVID-19 Situation in the Country

Recently, the United Kingdom is witnessing an upsurge in the COVID-19 cases. Most of it is due to the COVID-19 Delta variant. Despite the upsurge, the UK government has decided to fully open the country’s economy on July 19. However, experts have warned PM Boris Johnson, advising him to continue with the existing restrictions.

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