The Taliban Allows Women to Attend University in their New Rule: Acting Minister


The Taliban on Sunday announced that they will allow women to pursue higher education in the universities. However, certain conditions come with this announcement. Since the Islamic militant group has taken over Afghanistan, the most common concern is the status of women in the war-torn country. World leaders are addressing the issue and are quite worried about young girls and women in the nation. Although the Islamic militant group has said they will provide all sorts of rights to women, people are still doubting such statements.

The Taliban Approves Higher Education for Women in Afghanistan

On Sunday, the Taliban announced that women can pursue higher education in universities if they want to. But there are certain conditions that come with this announcement. The Islamic militant group has banned co-education from schools and universities in Afghanistan. Moreover, they have vowed that they will not implement any harsh rules in the country as they did in the 1990s. But there are certain laws that people will have to follow at any cost. Education for women and girls was banned during the organization’s rule in the 1990s. However, they have stated that women can attend universities and girls can go to schools. Besides that, they can even continue with their respective jobs.


The Taliban Allows Women to Attend University in their New Rule: Acting Minister
Source: Firstpost

No Mixed Education for Males and Females in Afghanistan

The organization’s acting minister, Abdul Baqi Haqqani, stated on Sunday that education for women is not prohibited in the country. But the Taliban will not promote mixed education for males and females in Afghanistan. They will build separate schools and universities for women. Moreover, they say that separating male and female education is the light of sharia law. Besides that, it is a safer option for women. The acting minister also said that they want to create a curriculum for the students that inculcate Islamic tradition and national historical values. However, the Islamic militant group will also segregate girls and boys in secondary schools.

Are Men and Women Considered Equal Under the Taliban Rule?


The Taliban have said that they will not implement harsh laws on women this time. But are they really going to do so? Will they provide equal rights to men and women? The answer is, no. Even though they are providing certain rights to women, they will never consider them equal.

The Taliban Allows Women to Attend University in their New Rule: Acting Minister
Source: Swarajya

Moreover, not a single female was present at the organization’s meeting on Sunday. Besides that, their education system is also considering male teachers and candidates over female ones. This clearly shows their bias and inequality towards women in Afghanistan. Besides education, the Islamic militant group has created havoc in other sectors of the country as well.

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