The New AMD StoreMI Supports Ryzen Threadripper PRO Processors


AMD drastically revamped its StoreMI program last year, designed to speed up the efficiency of space on its user platforms. By allowing support for its ultra-high-end Threadripper Pro workstations as well as the option to use SSD partitions for caching, the company continued to polish off its StoreMI suite this week.

AMD’s StoreMI, launched in 2018, was AMD’s way of enhancing the storage capacity and performance of its platforms, thus reacting to Apple’s Fusion Drive and Intel’s Optane Memory caching. AMD’s StoreMI used to be a block-based micro-tiering storage solution, much like Apple’s Fusion Drive (and unlike Intel’s caching-based algorithm). 


As far as capacity is concerned, it has a simple benefit over caching, but AMD says this might not be the best key solution to consistency. AMD re-introduced the suite in Q2 2020 and effectively re-invented it as a storage caching application that mirrors data used regularly on a quicker drive. The firm has been mastering the StoreMI V2 app ever since.

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The Red team has provided support for the Ryzen Threadripper PRO processors on WRX80 motherboards with the latest AMD’s version. This is such a piece of great news for all the tech geeks out there.

Features Of New StoreMI Update:


Interestingly, the new StoreMI update also allows SSD partition to be used as cache and that can really be helpful because you can use unused fast SSD storage to increase the cache of your system. This can greatly make a difference as cache holds a lot of addresses via page tables, so the more the cache, the faster will the CPU work. You can now simply expect a great performance by it.

Well, the list does not stop here, Below are some more features of AMD StoreMI. Check them out.

  • Supports combinations of HDD/SSD of any potential
  • The all-new UI creates  setup, tracking, reversal a snap
  • The caching method mirrors your information for speed-up to SSD
  • Prioritize most often used data automatically to the SSD cache
  • The “read-only” methodology increases the integrity of data
  • Ideal for speeding up apps and games on a major HDD

You can easily download AMD StoreMI for free if you already have the AMD X570, B550, 400 Series, X399, TRX40, or WRX80 motherboards. That’s some big news. If you want to get more views of your own over the topic, head over to the AMD website to know more.

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