The Nevers Season 1 Episode 2, Recap and Ending Explained


Set in the Victorian era, ‘The Nevers’ is a science fiction that deals with a group of people, especially women from London. Known as ‘Touched’, these people have gained superpowers after the appearance of a mysterious ship in the sky. Three years later, a serial killer Maladie aka Amy Manson terrifies the streets of London. Amalia True (Laura Donnelly) tries to stop her as she has the ability to see the future. She also runs an orphanage for the Touched.

The Nevers
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Season 1 Episode 2 


Episode 2 of ‘The Nevers’, titled ‘Exposure’ witnesses Penance Adair picking up some girls from the orphanage for a party organized by Lavinia Bidlow. Adair’s main motive behind this was to confess to the upper-class society of London that the Touched are no more a threat to them. It is also revealed in the second episode that both Amalia and Maladie know each other. Amalia and Detective Frank Mundi also have an understanding of each other. Here’s a quick recap of episode 2 in brief.

An Overview 

The second episode of ‘The Nevers’ begins with a conversation about the Touched, Maladie, and the Opera between Elizabetta Cassini and her friend Rosa. Meanwhile, Elizabetta manifests her power while protecting her supervisor’s scrutiny and attending to a customer. She comes to know that she can ascend anything by touching. This puts her in utter shock.

Nonetheless, she is developing the abilities of a Touched. Shocked and surprised, she runs away. Elizabetta is an Italian and due to this, she had already face a lot of difficulties in the British reign. The fact that she is Touched will complicate things for her even more. She tries to reach out to Amalia’s orphanage but gets apprehended by the men of dr. Edmund Hague. Trailer of ‘The Nevers’

A Quick Recap 


At the party, Lavinia showcases to the elite that the Touched are no more a threat to them. Lavinia’s brother Auggie builds a connection with Penance. However, Lavinia cautions Auggie as Penance has an Irish and Touched background. Besides that, she tells him that Penance is a non-eligible candidate for marriage.

The Nevers Season 1 Episode 2 Recap and Ending
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Frustrated Auggie visits Hugo’s club. On the other hand, Amalia is desperately looking for Mary. She approaches Desiree Blodgett, a woman whose ‘turn’ is to squeeze people’s innermost secret, to meet Mundi. During their conversation, Mundi discloses that he and Mary were supposed to get married but she left him at the altar. Amalia realizes that Mundi is a trustworthy person.

The Ending 

‘The Nevers’ Episode 2 ends with very sensational revelations about Lavinia and her seemingly generous compassion towards the Touched. In episode 1, Lavinia is depicted as a very progressive woman. Episode 2 completely contrasts with Lavinia’s image of what we have seen in episode 1. We see in the early parts of episode 2 how rational Lavinia is. She knows what views society has on the Touched. Penance and the girls are allowed to wear blue ribbons in order to be separated from the crowd. Later on, in her conversation with Auggie, we come to know how puritanical and prejudiced Lavinia is. The mysterious ship that provided the Touched their abilities has been located. Everybody is now solving various puzzles.

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