The Last Kingdom Season 5: When will it Air on Netflix?


After season 4, fans are already panting for The Last Kingdom season 5. With the fifth installment, the series will come to an end. The series is based on Bernard Cornwell’s book, the Saxon Stories. Netflix has already announced season 5’s renewal in 2020. The Last Kingdom season 4 aired in April 2020 and seemed to gain a good response from fans and critics. Here’s everything you can expect from the upcoming fifth installment.

Is The Last Kingdom Renewed for a New Season? 

Netflix renewed the Last Kingdom season 5 on July 7, 2020. Along with that, it also announced that season is the final season for the series. With season 5, the series will come to an end. The show’s cast announced the renewal via a video on The Last Kingdom’s official Twitter account. Since then, fans are very excited and desperately want to know more about season 5.


The Last Kingdom Season5: When will it Air on Netflix?
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The Last Kingdom Season 5 Trailer and Release date

Unfortunately, no. So far, we don’t have a trailer for The Last Kingdom season. The show has managed to get good popularity throughout its journey. Season 4 did well and always remained on the top 10 metrics. Neither Netflix nor the show creators have announced any official release date yet. But we can expect the show to release later this year or early 2022. Usually, trailers release a month or two before the actual premiere. Therefore, we hope the same with this series. Moreover, this series has a lengthy filming process. It is rumored that the show is done with filming. We don’t know if it’s true or not. Even the COVID-19 pandemic must have affected the production as well. Usually, the show has had a 17-18 months gap between its two seasons. If we follow that, The Last Kingdom season 5 is expected to air in October or November 2021.

What happened in the Previous Season? 


In season 4, Uthred was seen interacting with his children like never before. We have seen him interacting with his kids in the previous season also, but this time it was different. Both his children, Young Uthred and Stiorra have inherited their father’s characters. They are just as stubborn as Uthred and have the desire to follow their own path. Moreover, Stiorra happily became the mid-chip to negotiate peace between the Danes and the Saxons. She joined Sigtrygger and Eoferwic. On the other hand, Young Uthred decided to carry on with his studies and engage in church activities. Wessex and Mercia have controlled East Anglia. Henceforth, Northumbria is the last kingdom that the Danes have. Let’s see what will happen in The Last Kingdom season.

The Last Kingdom Season5: When will it Air on Netflix?
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What to Expect from The Last Kingdom Season 5

The Last Kingdom season 5 will deal with quest and conquer. We can expect the Danes to give up their land in the North and reclaim East Anglia. They have already lost their territories to the Saxons. Most probably, they will try to conquer and reclaim them again. Brida might take her revenge on Uthred and the Saxons. Therefore, there is a lot to deal with in season 5. And since it is the final season, we can expect things to spice up.

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